Shots Fired S1E2 Review

Last week's pilot introduced us to the case that will be dealt with and thoroughly introduced us to the main characters of Preston Terry and Ashe Akino.

S1E2 "Hour Two: Betrayal of Trust"

At the start of the episode, the police officer who shot the kid is approached by the kid's father, who has a gun. But, he talks him down by telling him that if he shoots him he will never know the truth. That seemed pretty unrealistic to me. If he is at the point that he is willing to kill this officer, would he seriously listen to that reasoning?

The governor talks to Preston, and she is starting to look shady when she is wondering why the officer hasn't been arrested yet, and is impatient regarding the investigation. Preston and Ashe try to figure out who leaked the video of the officer's racist remarks to figure out who wants him to look guilty.

Preston goes to an event that the governor invites him to, and his father is supposed to join him, but doesn't when he decides he needs to help out his brother after a bad game. Meanwhile, the pastor that we were introduced to last week is met by another pastor she knew before, who was not very supportive of her, It is a great moment when she steals the attention by leading a powerful prayer.

Preston meets his father, who is disappointed in his life choices, because he supposedly had the potential to go to the World Series. I am very glad that we are getting some complications in Preston's life this week, as we got a lot of that with Ashe last week. And, luckily, their issues are very different from each other.

Ashe tells Preston that they have to trust each other, and that they need to investigate the cases of both kids that were shot. They do some investigating, which they haven't done much of earlier in the episode. They don't  end up finding out much.

Very little happened in the case this week, which makes it seem like the show doesn't know how to extend that story over the course of ten episodes. However, the scenes relating to Preston's life and the scenes with the pastor were great.

Score: 7.5/10

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