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Written With a Plunger by Bridger Cunningham

Go big, or go broke.  The fourth wall will be busted in this article as I address you directly regarding the fate of CBS' ailing 2 Broke Girls.  Two episodes remain of Season 6 with scant indication of a proper ending.  Ratings have averaged a 1.34 in the 18-49, with a series low 1.0 being delivered on 3/20/2017.  That is a sliver of the 7.1 debut rating it delivered in 2011, following the hyped season 9 premiere of Two and a Half Men's Ashton Kutcher debut.  The sitcom proved to be promising, landing a lucrative syndication deal with TBS inside its first season, as well as a cameo for a fitting season finale.  Then the girls moved around CBS' schedule like poor tenants on the move, amassing 11 schedule moves in its six seasons.  Comic irony, since the impoverished leads have held the same address for their building for six years.  Caroline and Max has several adventures with money and business ringing riches and destitution.  Quality in writing exhibited ups and downs as well, as Season 3 strayed from the cupcake shop into a forgettable soap opera.  Tone leveled in season 4, but the ratings continued to decline.  The quality maintained until the middle of season 6, only to drop when the mid-season travel arc made for preposterous deliveries.  The fallout has left a bitter taste in the batter, with few signs of closure for the season's end.

As a viewer, I was let down by season 6's digression from reality.  2 Broke Girls succeeded not only because of the chemistry of Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, but also the timing coincided against the worst economic recession in 80 years.  As a viewer, I struggled right along the girls as I had to start over.  During the show's run, I particularly personally struggled during Season 2 and 4, ironically the same years the girls hit economic low points as their ventures failed.  It was refreshing to see these two women somehow kept their spirit and found simple pleasures in life to get through the economy's cruelest moments.  Like the girls, I too had to take on multiple gigs, just to get by and be able to afford dish soap and paper towels from the dollar store.  I could relate to so many of those struggles, and I too had to survive with an iron will to make it to the next big break.

The trip to Hollywood in Season 5 retained the relevance, as Caroline's tragic tale perked the film industry's interest.  Caroline Channing was a fallen socialite, so it was plausible she could be thrust into the public eye again.  The five-episode arc was a welcome reward for the girls suffering though having to steal toilet paper from the diner just to get by.  Season 6 threw the poverty struggle out the window, making me realize the show lost its creative stride.  Caroline and Max took their biggest risk ever with building the Dessert Bar.  They also bought into the diner and endured a hurricane destroying their dream.  All great opportunities to pay homage to the title, glossed over like a thrown-together plot-driven twist.  Most characters have come full circle, while so many elements have never been explored.

Will we ever get to see Caroline's story come to the silver screen?  Will we ever meet Max's often referenced mother?  Will Han ever get a girlfriend?  All of these unresolved elements need to be addressed to bring this art piece to a fitting close, which is why I demand a seventh season.  Even a shorter 13-episode arc can wrap the show up in a fitting manner.  If it were to continue, the following would need to occur:

1. An Abbreviated Final Season. 

2. All Characters Come Full Circle.

3. The Girls Would Need to Endure Their Largest Poverty Crisis

4. A Fitting Ending.

5. Loads of Welcome Guest Stars

I am a firm believer in bringing shows to full-circle status, and 13 episodes is ideal to create three arcs.  Go big or go, 2 Broke Girls:

Episodes 1-4: The Opening Hook

Season 6 opened with a promising start as several previous guest stars made appearances, set against the backdrop of the Girls' much anticipated Dessert Bar Opening.  Throw a lavish event to start Season 7, reigning in a few welcome guest stars of the past.  Christopher Gorham has assimilated into a welcome addition as Caroline's boyfriend Bobby.  And Nora Dunn (Teresa) and Kerri Kenney (Denise) pack the same comic foil Oleg and Sophie used to in their earlier heyday.  Why not include them from day to day antics and mishaps like we used to enjoy?  My vision entails Bobby finally proposing marriage to Caroline, setting up a penultimate engagement party in episode 4.  While Caroline and her colorful in-laws stir up happy fun, explore a heavier arc of Max reuniting with her parents.  

Given her dating drought, Max secretly opts to locate her father and enlists the help of Han.  They had titillating chemistry in a recent episode posing as a married couple, and it needs to play out again.  Except instead of finding Max's father, we finally meet her infamous mother.  I envision Courtney Love to take on the damaged, hard-living addict in her 50's.  After a catty skirmish in episode 2, Max's mother tracks her down in episode 3 and demands the two hash out their prickly relationship.  We gain further insight into Max's tough psyche, followed by Sophie and Teresa deriding her negligent presence.  Max walks away, able to realize she doesn't need her waste of space mother as she has two welcoming figures in her presence.  In the process, a side character is introduced who seeks Max's advice in reconciling with her estranged son.

Episode 4 would feature an engagement party for Caroline and Bobby, albeit the usual diner chaos.  Max's father finally shows up, and the two have a mutually pleasant encounter.  As the guests at the Dessert Bar enjoy another outlandish madcap party, three unwelcome guests mar the evening.  Bobby's ex, Jessica (Mikaela Hoover), annoying puppeteer J. Petto (Andy Dick) and scorned Channing employee Sandra (Beth Locke, from the 'Tip Slip' episode) all have unruly encounters and are thrown out.  Max's dad and Oleg throw J. Petto in the dumpster, Caroline covers Sandra in food, and Jessica is chased out of the diner by Denise and Sophie with Barbara's stroller.  The three disgraced villains join forces and vow Caroline and Max will be destroyed.  The three join forces and confront the women, warning they are going down.

Episodes 5-9: Between Heaven and Hell

This arc will inflict poverty hard on the women, as well as the remaining four cast members.  The three uber villains attack the characters where they live, each attacking their places of work.  A new bartender flirts with Max, only to serve a pack of underage girls.  J. Petto revokes the girls' liquor license, forcing them to close and return to working as waitresses in Han's establishment.  Episode 6 features Jessica discrediting and ruining Sophie's Choice, leaving Sophie out of work.  This episode also features Han enduring yet another visit from health inspector Jean (Bonnie Hellman).  The diner erupts in chaos, as Jessica releases a roach motel in the diner, shutting down this establishment as well.  And Sandra has launched a lawsuit against Caroline and the producers of her film, shutting down its anticipated release.  

Episode 7 continues the chaos as the six principles are forced to take degrading jobs.  Earl is a towel man, Han and Caroline are forced to work in Teresa's dry cleaning business, and Oleg and Sophie survive operating a cheap phone sex line.  Worst of all, Max is forced to resume her job working for Peach Landes (Brooke Lyons).  One of the three uber villains smashes the girls' Tiffany windows which saved the building from demolition, leaving the Diner and the Dessert Bar in threat of the mighty IMAX bulldozer.  Trouble continues to bestow the girls, as J. Petto has the city condemn the girls' apartment building, ending with the six principles resisting eviction.

Episode 8 looks bleak, as Caroline is forced to move in with Bobby, Max takes refuge in Peach's guest quarters and Oleg and Sophie disrupt Han's apartment.  All the while, Caroline laments as Chestnut is nowhere to be found.  Enter Nash (Austin Falk), who watched the girls' woes unfold regarding Carline's movie and stowed away to New York, riding away with Chestnut before he could be taken by animal control.  Nash unveils he has rounded up several notable people the girls enriched the lives of -- eccentric High Bar owner Joedth (Sandra Bernhard), elusive photographer Nola Anders (Valerie Harper), whose voyeuristic following the waitress reveals the three plotted against the six principles.  She works with Johnny (Nick Zano), who is determined to save Max.  Joedth and never-seen Chrissy hit it off, gaining another ally on the financial front.  Meanwhile, Han attempts to reopen his diner by falsely leading on Jean.  His efforts make an ally, as she introduces him to her young Korean boss whom he falls in love with.  Most shocking is Max's mother, whom Denise and Sophie gave a makeover to position her to sleep her way around with city officials.  They have earned a hearing to save the two establishments.

Episode 9 features the girls' characters being scrutinized by memorable encounters.  Prospects look bleak as the uber villains appear to have closed in on the gang, but Randy (Ed Quinn) saves the day.  In addition, Caroline's mother is now a successful Zoning attorney, showing up to defend the women's business to the city.  Sandra is ruined in the public eye, as J. Petto faces indictment for stalking/harassment.  And Jessica's business collapses as Sophie manages to expose she attempted to break Caroline and Bobby apart, forcing her to retreat to Delaware.  Randy returned to New York as he was encouraged by his mother, whom Max sagely gave advice to in episode 3 to reunite the mother and son.  Both establishments reopen, but the girls' apartment building will remain condemned.  The girls realize the building's demise is a blessing, as they need to move forward and escape a place they loathed for so long.  Joedth is impressed with the ladies' establishment and proposes a business alliance they mull.  And Randy leaves an open invitation to Max to hash things out when the ladies arrive in LA next month for their movie premiere and an invitation to stay.

Episodes 10-13: Finishing the Hat

The last arc changes the six characters' fates.  Episode 10 features Max and Caroline savoring one last time rooming together in LA for the premiere.  Joedth and Han have their hands full with the Dessert Bar, so Han is obliged to leave Sophie, Oleg and Earl to run the diner with Denise as a bumbling waitress.  To their surprise, Sophie as the hostess draws a successful crowd, and the diner is flooded with customers.  Max and Randy try to figure out if they could be together, ultimately ending with Max flying home on a bender, throwing up.  Episode 11 picks up a week later as Max is still experiencing vomiting and strange cravings for Sophie's hoagies.  She ultimately finds out she is pregnant, to her revile.  Meanwhile, Caroline is dismayed to realize her dream wedding is financially not feasible, but nasty aunt Charity (Missi Pyle) offers to throw her a wedding under the caveat she get to pull Caroline's hair one last time.  Further positive developments feature an LA Restaurant owner expressing interest in expanding the girls' franchise.  Caroline sees it as an opportunity for Max to be with Randy, tearfully allowing her rest friend to leave.  Max decides against, admitting she cannot do it without her best friend.

The final hour of 2 Broke Girls begins with Caroline's wedding.  She is pleased to see her father will walk her down the aisle as he is on a community service outing.  Not-so-welcome wedding guests are Max's mother and father.  Also a surprise guest is Randy, whom Caroline coaxed into attending the wedding to propose marriage.  As the bride and groom prepare to say their vows, the strong-arm Randy and Max to do a double ceremony.  Before heading off to their respective honeymoons, the girls make the decision to leave New York together to launch the LA version of Dessert Bar.  They say a tearful goodbye to the gang, but the story is not over.  During the last 10 minutes, Han and his new fiancee are throwing their engagement party when Max, Randy, Caroline and Bobby crash the ceremony.  Max and Randy have a son, and Caroline has a new daughter.  Max and Caroline are shocked to find out Caroline's mother and Max's father are now an item.  Joedth and Chrissy keep the Dessert Bar running, while Han is a co-owner with Sophie and Oleg, leaving Han the business associate for both establishments.  The girls gleefully realize life in their former haunts has pleasantly moved on.  

During the last minute of the show, the girls share their final moment, interrupted by the three hipsters Max insulted in the first episode yelling "Waitress", snapping their fingers.  They look on shocked, and Miles Fisher's Adam says "You're still here!?"  Gaining the last insult as Max heckled him with that phrase during season 5.

Does 2 Broke Girls stand a chance for a 7th and final season?  Sound off and dish up the stale diner food.

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