Ratings Report Card: CBS Reality

To follow up on yesterday's post, here's some ratings, analysis, and grades for CBS's reality shows that have already finished for the season, or at least are on an extended hiatus. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Survivor (Fall)

Survivor had a pretty stellar season. While lead-out Criminal Minds has been shedding viewers, Survivor is down no more than what the average show is down, and you can't argue with a show that as of this writing averaged over 140% of CBS's total non-sports average. It gets serious competition from both ABC and FOX, and yet has still proven to be a reality staple.

Grade: A-


Did Hunted do enough for another go-around? I suppose so. But it didn't really do anything that Undercover Boss or The Amazing Race couldn't have done. They probably expected more given that massive exposure, but on the bright side it was incredibly steady throughout its Wednesday run.

Grade: C+

Undercover Boss

It's unclear when, if ever, Undercover Boss will return, nor is it clear if those episodes will be considered part of this season. But I'm grading it anyways. As you can see, Undercover Boss only did a tad worse than Hunted, and like Hunted was very steady throughout. Being down 22% from last year's raw A18-49 Live + Same Day ratings though isn't all that great though, especially considering it didn't have a better situation last season. It's still good as a spackle option, though it should have done a bit better.

Grade: C

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