American Housewife Season 1 Episodes 15 & 16 Review

Since I didn't review the episode "The Man Date", I'm just going to give some quick thoughts on it before getting the the review of "Bag Lady".

"The Man Date" was a weaker episode of American Housewife. It wasn't very funny, and was a real let down after the excellent previous episode. Chloe really annoyed me, more than usual. I know her being annoying is the point, but it was not funny-annoying like before. Stan wasn't really a fun character either, but at least Greg has a friend. Anna-Kat's story was the highlight of the episode for me, and I really enjoyed it.
Episode Score: 8/10
Episode Grade: B

Bag Lady

Katie is having problems with trash bags. They are "defective", and she wants a refund. The manager at the store won't help, and that sets her off. When he agrees, she gets a new box and it's also defective. She wants to sue the store, but Angela won't help her. She goes back to the store, where she tries to convince people to not but the bags. She gets in a fight with a woman, which prompts the manager to ban her. Greg decides to help her with her bag problem, as do the kids.

Taylor needs a new hobby, and she doesn't want to do anything Katie suggests. She asks Greg for help, which upsets Katie (what else is new?). They actually make progress, and find something new for her to do. She actually thinks synchronized swimming is cool, and is excited to start. She needs "girl stuff" from the store, but is uncomfortable about it because of Greg. This leads to a very funny interaction between the two of them. She has even more problems, which prompts Greg to call Katie. Katie gives Greg instructions over the phone, and Greg has to relay those to Taylor, which is funny. When Katie gets home, her and Taylor have a heart-to-heart conversation and bond.

Anna-Kat needs to sell something for school, and she didn't start until a few days before the due date. Katie makes her work with her, and Anna-Kat calls her a name, which leads to some funny lines from  Katie. Oliver is helping Anna-Kat to sell paintings, and they con people into buying them with Anna-Kat's cuteness. When the return home for the day, they tell Katie that they've sold 200 paintings. Their bubble is burst when Katie tells them that THEY have to paint the paintings. When they start painting, they find out that it takes a long time to paint the paintings, and they need Katie's help. She makes everyone help, and they do.

This was a great episode, with lots of fun storylines for everyone. I was worried that the bag storyline would end unresolved, but it ended quite nicely and was my favorite part of the episode. Anna-Kat, once again, stole the show. This episode was a lot better than the previous one.

Episode Score: 9.5/10
Episode Grade: A

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