Jane the Virgin S3E14 Review

This week's episode of Jane the Virgin includes an election for the position of room mom.

S3E14 "Chapter Fifty-Eight"

The episode begins with a flashback to two and a half years earlier, when Rafael went to prison. In that time, Jane and Petra came together to help each other. Now, Jane and Petra have to work together, when Jane decides that she wants to be room mom, and it is suggested that they both do it. They end up disagreeing on everything, and want to have a runoff election. I really enjoyed Jane's line about Russian intervention with the election. How relevant!

Jane's campaigning is very entertaining, as she and Petra each try to win over the swing moms. Jane and Petra end up having a debate, and their debate is hilarious, until things get personal. Jane talks to Rogelio about her rivalry with Petra, and surprisingly Rogelio has some wise words for her. Jane and Petra both realize that they don't actually want to be room mom, and it is great when they both immediately turn to Rafael.

Jane and Rafael try out the new aide for Mateo, and he says that Jane needs to ignore Mateo's bad behavior, because he enjoys attention. This takes a fairly typical route when Mateo cuts part of Jane's hair. After a week is over, Mateo's aide tells Jane and Rafael what he observed over the week, and Jane informs the aide of what happened with Michael. Jane is able to get through the story of Michael's death without crying, which is a big moment. The aide then says that Mateo shows no signs of trauma or abandonment issues.

Xo is not as excited about her upcoming wedding as she feels she should be. Meanwhile, Rogelio is wondering if she is happy, and it is very funny when he asks Mateo about this. I really want more Rogelio and Mateo scenes. Jane tells Xo that not wanting kids is no longer a dealbreaker for Rogelio. Bruce helps prepare for Rogelio's trial, and Xo gives her testimony. In it, she talks about how much she cares about Rogelio, which later leads Xo giving Bruce back the ring.

Jane and Xo are excited about getting Alba together with a co-worker she is interested in. It is hilarious when she informs them that she "went for it", and when she says that she isn't going to show him her breasts at work. It is great when she gets all dressed up, but of course things go wrong, and Alba ends up upset. However, things end up working out in the end, though sadly we don't get to see that happen.

Jane and Petra's story was great, with many entertaining moments. The whole thing with Mateo's behavior seemed to disappear in the middle of the episode, only really being present at the beginning and end. while the ending of Alba's story is just told to us, rather than shown. I wish that the show didn't feel the need to go all the way to getting Xo and Bruce engaged before breaking them up, but I do feel that her and Rogelio being together is the right move.

Score: 8.5/10

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