Jane the Virgin S3E15 Review

This week's episode deals with Jane getting back into flirting.

S3E15 "Chapter Fifty-Nine"

The episode begins with the narrator telling us that Jane really fell in love with three men in her life, but he doesn't reveal the first man, setting up an interesting question that needs answering. In present day, Jane is finally ready to move on after Michael's death. However, she doesn't want to move on with Mateo's aide, who she believes is flirting with him. It is an awkward moment for Jane when she brings this up, and it turns out that he wasn't flirting. So, Rafael and Petra help her out, which is a very entertaining scene, especially when Jane ruins things by bringing up Michael's death. Jane and Dennis end up flirting, and it's entertaining when Rafael coaches Jane in texting him. Things end up not working out for Jane and Dennis, but Jane knows who she wants at the end of the episode, when she sees a new co-star of Rogelio's.

Love is in the air this week, and that includes Alba and Jorge, who are so cute. Their dialogue in the gift shop is perfect. However, Jorge hasn't actually made plan about them going out. Jane encourages Alba to talk to Jorge about this, so she does and it's pretty great. It turns out that he hasn't said anything because he is having trouble deciding where to take her, because he wants it to be special. How perfect is he? Jorge takes Alba to mini-golf, because he overheard her saying that she loves it, however Jane and Dennis are also there, so they have to hide. How sweet of Alba, putting Jane first. It's funny when Alba and Jorge make out, and they are discovered.

It may not be exactly love in the air for Rafael and Petra, but they slept together. And, as Petra heads into the living room for her clothes, Jane shows up looking for something Mateo needs, which makes for an awkward moment when Jane opens the closet door to find Petra. This leads to an episode of Rafael and Petra both contemplating their past relationship. Petra goes to apologize to Chuck after insulting him, and it's entertaining when she decides to ride the bull to prove herself to him. In a twist near the end of the episode, it is revealed that Petra and Anezka aren't currently as estranged as Petra pretends they are, based on an email Petra writes to Anezka.

After Xo and Bruce's break-up, Rogelio is not getting the attention from Bruce in his case that he desires, as he has no idea that Xo and Bruce broke up. There are some typical entertaining Rogelio scenes as he works on a telenovela, but so much of this is the type of thing it feels like we've seen him do a million times before now. Bruce says that he will be fine representing Rogelio, but at the last moment he decides that he can't. So, things have come full circle for Bruce, he went from an ass, to a nice person, and back to an ass. And each time it was a sudden change. In the end, Rogelio has to pay a huge amount, but it's okay with him because he and Xo have gotten back together.

As much as I loved everything about Alba and Jorge this week, not only did Alba actually get a story, but it was a beautiful romance, I hated the way Bruce behaved this week, much of Rogelio's part of the story felt unoriginal, and Petra and Rafael weren't all that original either. Jane's story had its moments, but it certainly wasn't a stand-out one.

Score: 6.5/10

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