Dancing With the Stars Season 24 Episode 1 Review

Tonight, Dancing With the Stars starts its 24th season, with twelve new stars and a lot of sequins and spray tans. I'm excited for the premiere, and I hope that this season, like the last one, will be a good one.

Simone Biles & Sasha - Tango
Simone was the best of the night, and I think (based off this first week) that she's this season's frontrunner. She will definitely go pretty far, and this if this first dance is any indication, it's going to be really fun to watch her dancing journey.
My Score: 8

Bonner Bolton & Sharna - Cha-Cha
I'm honestly just surprised that this guy can dance at all. Bull riders aren't exactly know for their dancing ability, so him being a decent dancer was surprising. Honestly, he wasn't great, but he was fine and I think he can get better.
My Score: 6

Charo & Keo - Salsa
Charo wasn't that terrible. So that's a win.
My Score: 5

Erika Jayne & Gleb - Salsa
I agree with Len here, this Salsa was just too raunchy and not all that Salsa-like. It was fine, but not really all that good. I did like the unicorn, though.
My Score: 6

Rashad Jennings & Emma - Cha-Cha
While I wasn't as impressed with Rashad as the judges, there's no denying that he was good. He was good, and fun to watch, so that's a really solid start.
My Score: 7

Chris Kattan & Witney - Cha-Cha
He's "strong like an ant". That did not translate into any dancing skills. Like at all. This was just. so. bad. It felt like an SNL sketch, and I really wish Will Ferrell was there. Unfortunately, Chris won't be winning the "Globe Trophy".
My Score: 4

Nancy Kerrigan & Artem - Viennese Waltz
Obviously, being a figure skater, Nancy had an advantage. Previous skaters like Kristi Yamaguchi, Meryl Davis, and even Dorothy Hamill (before she was injured) have done well, so I expected Nancy to also have a good first dance. But she was actually better than I expected. I'm excited to see how she does in coming weeks.
My Score: 8

Normani Kordei & Val - Quickstep
This was a really strong start. It wasn't a great start, but it was good. I think Normani has potential to go really far in this, and she can really be great.
My Score: 7

Heather Morris & Maks - Viennese Waltz
Heather has dance background, so that's obviously a huge advantage. With that said, this was still great first dance, and I'm really excited to see what she can do over the course of this season.
My Score: 8

David Ross & Lindsay - Quickstep
Wait, what? David Ross can dance? This is certainly not something I expected, at all. I think that with  the large Chicago Cubs fanbase, he's going to go far and have a long time to prove that he's a good dancer. David being able to dance pretty well is probably causing NBC to develop "Dancing With the Chicago Cubs."
My Score: 8

Mr. T & Kym - Cha-Cha
Alright, this was not a very good dance. And I couldn't really tell that this was a Cha-Cha. And Mr. T didn't really do that much. But at least he tried, and that's something.
My Score: 4

Nick Viall & Peta - Cha-Cha
I agree with the judges here. There's a lot of potential, but this needed a lot of work. Overall, it wasn't a BAD dance, just not all that good. Hopefully he gets better next week.
My Score: 6


Worst of the Night: Chris Kattan
(Dis)Honorable Mention: Mr. T

Dancer of the Night: Simone Biles
Honorable Mention: Heather Morris

My Rankings for the Week:
1- Simone Biles
2- Heather Morris
3- Nancy Kerrigan
4- David Ross
5- Rashad Jennings
6- Normani Kordei
7- Nick Viall
8- Bonner Bolton
9- Erika Jayne
10- Charo
11- Mr.T
12- Chris Kattan

This was a good premiere, though there weren't many danes that I really loved. There were, however, a lot that have potential, so I'd like to see some more dances before judging the cast as a whole.

Grade: B+
Score: 8.5/10

So, now that you've seen them dance, who are you rooting for? Sound off your thoughts and let us know who you're rooting for in the comments below.

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