Fresh Off the Boat S3E17 Review

This week, Jessica goes on a road trip, and Louis and Eddie have a guys' weekend.

S3E17 "The Flush"

Jessica decides to go on a road trip to Georgia because it's cheaper for her to go pick up a piece of furniture than have it delivered, and she loves planning road trips. Honey loves road trips, so she joins, and Emery and Evan want to see "The Big Peanut", so they go as well. Emery and Evan inform Honey of how stressed Jessica can get on road trips, so they keep her happy until the can't anymore when they get two parking tickets. Honey tells Jessica that she is a road grump, so Jessica decides to make the road trip fun. However, shortly after this, Jessica gets a ticket for driving without license plates.

With the rest of the family on the road trip, Louis decides to have a guys' weekend with Eddie. When he tells his friends about it, he ends up inviting them over. Trent brings beer, so the boys pretend to be tired early. Eddie tries drinking, and ends up feeling weird. Louis informs Eddie about the Asian flush. After this, Louis and Eddie bond, which is a nice moment. In the end, they get the weekend they wanted.

This episode only had a couple of good jokes, though Louis and Eddie's story had a nice ending.

Score: 4/10

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