Superior Donuts S1E9 Review

This week's episode has to do with dating, as Franco encourages Arthur to get out there.

S1E9 "Get It, Arthur"

Franco makes plans with a girl, which leads to him having to cancel plans with Arthur. Franco realizes that Arthur needs a girlfriend, and when Randy brings her mom in, Franco sees the opportunity. There are some funny moments when Randy complains about her mother being in town, such as when Randy comments that she thinks her mom forgets that she carries a gun.

After Arthur's date, he is unsure what to do the next day, and it's funny when Franco helps him send a text to Randy's mom. Randy learns of what happened between Arthur and her mom, and she has some funny lines, but then Arthur receives a text from her saying that last night was a mistake.

Franco goes to talk to Randy's mom, and it turns out she was nervous, and didn't know what to do because it was the first time she had feelings for someone since her husband died, which is really a fairly typical sort of explanation. Arthur gets annoyed at Franco for getting involved, but he and Randy's mom make up. The show ends on a very funny joke, when Arthur reveals that he has signed up for a dating app, but it turns out to be Grindr.

Also this week, there was a story where Fawz tries to figure out how Tush got a check. It is very uninteresting, but luckily doesn't take up too much of the episode. In the end, Tush reveals that the check was his last alimony check from his ex-wife, then he and Fawz share a way-to-long hand-holding moment.

While the episode's main story wasn't all that original, it had plenty of great jokes. The B-story however was a waste of the small amount of time that was dedicated to it.

Score: 7/10

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