Modern Family S8E15 Review

2017 has not been Modern Family's year. At least in my opinion. Can they change that this week with Cam on a Fizbo-related mission? We will see!

S8E15 "Finding Fizbo"

This week, the police officer from Mitch and Cam's bowling team comes over on official business. It is funny when Mitch talks excitedly about how he is decent. Cam discovers that someone has used the Fizbo costume for crime, and Cam's reaction is very funny. Cam tries to figure out who it is dressing up as Fizbo. Mitch thinks that Cam is paranoid, but he discovers Cam was right, and it turns out that the police officer was Fizbo.

Phil gets to meet his new step-brother this week at Frank's bachelor party. Jay and the brother find Phil's plans boring, and they wind up ditching him. Phil plays Uno with himself, which is pretty funny. This story doesn't go much of anywhere, and aside from a couple of good moments from Phil, it wasn't very funny.

Manny is having Gloria, Claire, Haley, and Alex read his play, and it is funny when Gloria is overly excited, and when Manny talks about writing what you know, and not being transgender. The women discover that the characters seem to be based on them. All of the women except Gloria have issues with the play. Haley is frustrated that a real story about an argument she had with a parrot was referenced, which is very funny, Alex about her character being alone, and Claire about the ending being trite.

Phil's story was very weak, only redeemed by a couple of good jokes. Mitch and Cam's story was the best in terms of having a beginning, middle, and end, though Manny's was the funniest.

Score: 5.5/10

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