The Catch Season 2 Episode 1 Review

The Catch returns for season 2 with a reboot, and that will bring a change of tone. This is something I'm pretty excited for, as the first season was, for me, a bit disappointing. Near the end, it became something really good and exciting, so I'm hoping it can be as interesting as that.

The episode begins with Ben in prison, and some FBI agents (including newly-promoted Agent Dao, who's unfortunately leaving the show) offer him a deal to be an informant, in exchange for release from prison. He's stabbed by someone and broken out of prison by Rhys later. Because of this, his deal is no longer valid. They go to steal a briefcase, and when they do, Alice shows up right before the woman is about to shoot them (just in time, Alice). Because Ben and Rhys' heist helped the FBI, the deal is back on.

At Alice's firm, Alice's brother Tommy arrives. He has a lot of extra cash, and Alice and the crew investigate it. It turns out that the money was the Kincaids, and when Alice goes to find they, she finds them dead. This worries Alice, who thinks Tommy may be in deep trouble. I think that this will cause a lot of problems for Alice and Tommy later in the season, and I'm very interested to see how this unfolds.

Margot is having some problems at the Kensington Firm. People aren't really respecting her, which leads to her casually murdering someone (no big deal, really). People are destroying her hotels and other assets, and she believes it's her mother. So she visits her in prison, where she finds out that her mom is not involved and something else is going on here (it would have been too easy if it were her mom). At night, when Margot is in bed with her boyfriend, he is shot and killed. This leads her to show up and ask for Alice's help.

This was a good episode, though not as good as the end of the first season. I really enjoyed Margot's storyline, and it looks like it will get even more interesting in coming episodes. I didn't really enjoy the parts with Alice's brother Tommy. Some parts were a little cheesy rather than funny, but it wasn't terrible. All in all, this season looks pretty good, and I'm interested to see more.
Episode Score: 8.5/10
Episode Grade: B+

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