Superstore S2E17 Review

This week, Mateo prepares to transfer to a different store, but problems arise due to his undocumented status.

S2E17 "Mateo's Last Day"

The episode begins with a video about Mateo's transfer, which is hilarious, because Mateo made it. Mateo shows everyone the store he will be transferring to, and it's funny when he is annoyed by how everyone else takes the attention elsewhere. Mateo discovers that he needs to show his Social Security card for the transfer, and, as Cheyenne hilariously wonders, undocumented people don't have documents.

Mateo tries to figure out his options, and it's funny when Jonah keeps suggesting marrying him, but Mateo would prefer getting beaten up. Mateo finally convinces Jonah to beat him up, but Jonah can't do it. It is very funny when Mateo tries to get Cheyenne to have a fight with him. Eventually, Mateo realizes that he needs to talk to Jeff about is situation, but instead he tells Jeff that he's not in love with him.

Glenn discovers the store has gotten reviews on Yelp, and it is hilarious when Amy fills him in on all of the things Internet-related that he doesn't know. Glenn tries to please a person that gave the store a bad review, but he just keeps updating the review and saying more bad things. Amy tries to fix things by visiting the guy's house, and she thinks she has once they relate, but it turns out that she didn't fix anything.

Dina and Garrett have to fill out forms because of they had sex, and they are annoyed when they don't fit into the option of relationship. They ask the other co-workers what the fourth box on the form should be called, and it's funny when they criticize Sandra for suggesting friends with benefits. In the end, Dina and Garrett decide on "other" for the box.

Mateo, Jonah, and Cheyenne were hilarious this week. The other stories were still funny, though not as much so, and Amy and Glenn's didn't really end up going much of anywhere interesting.

Score: 8.5/10

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