The 100 S4E6 Review

Clarke and Roan head into dangerous territory this week on The 100.

S4E6 "We Will Rise"

Raven prepares to go into space, but struggles in the test missions. Murphy is wonderfully snarky here. However, Raven later has enough of him, and she freaks out at him. Luna is able to calm Raven down, which is a great moment, and Murphy decides to leave Raven to her. Luna talks to Murphy about how he hates himself, and how she used to. It's a very strong scene, and I want more like it. Raven struggles trying to make everything perfect, and Lindsey Morgan's acting in this scene is wonderful. Murphy suggests it doesn't need to be perfect, just complete the mission, and then he suggests that Raven take control, instead of having the computer do it. Raven tries a test mission and finally succeeds, which was a wonderful moment. However, things are not all right, as Raven hears the bad news from Clarke, and then she has a seizure, which she better survive because Lindsey Morgan is the best out of this show's many great actors.

Clarke plans to head out to Abby and Raven, and she has some good scenes with Niylah, begging her to stay so she can get the nightblood as soon as possible, and Kane, who wants to go. Monty reminds Clarke of how safe she needs to be, and then she and those going with her head out. In contrast to the other two stories, this one is more of an action/adventure type story. It was nice to have these three different types, an emotional story, an action/adventure-ish story, and a mob mentality type of story. At the end, while most goes right, one thing goes wrong, with them losing some of the fuel.

A lot of people in Arkadia want to kill Ilian for what he did, but Kane and Monty are opposed to this. The mob stands outside med bay, wanting to get at him, though Kane has locked the door. Octavia, however, opens the door, and insists that the kill is hers. It was sad to see Kane stabbed in the back (figuratively, as well as how he was zapped in the back literally). Monty tries to stop Octavia from killing him, but it's Jaha who is successful, who has the alarm sounded for black rain. I loved the mention of what happened in season one when Monty convinced Jaha. Everyone runs inside, except for Octavia and Kane. Kane makes Octavia realize how similar this is to Lincoln's execution, another great callback, which leads to an emotional moment as Octavia runs off.

I haven't been that impressed with season four so far, but this episode really delivered, with three stories that tackled different aspects of this show that I enjoy. I didn't enjoy Clarke's story as much as the other two, but that is probably because of how little time it got, or at least how little time it felt like it got, and that I don't care as much for those type of stories as I do the other types that we got this week.

Score: 9.5/10

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