Superstore S2E16 Review

This week, Jonah gets to learn more about Amy when he helps her parents move.

S2E16 "Integrity Award"

At the start of the episode, Glenn announces that it is awards season. Amy is confused, and brings up how she won the Oscars pool, which is funny. Glenn explains that it is the Cloud 9 integrity awards, and he kind of pushes himself, which is entertaining. However, Glenn's obsession with getting the integrity award brings his character out of what we know him to be. It gets worse and worse, such as when he speculates that a veteran may have shot up a village. There is a really funny joke though when Cheyenne comments on the word "opportunity". This story is never really concluded.

Amy borrows a truck from Cloud 9 to help her parents move, and Jonah joins her because she can't drive it, while he can. This story feels a little bit far-fetched. Is no one going to notice that they are absent from work? Amy doesn't expect her parents to be at their old home, so she allows Jonah in, but it turns out that they are there. Jonah's interactions with Amy's dad are very funny, when he pressures Jonah into buying a painting of Putin. Amy is annoyed with how her parents aren't making any progress in packing, and Jonah convinces her to just leave them to handle it. They climb out the window, and it's funny when they see the situation at Cloud 9, and decide to just go and get lunch, which was a great ending.

Dina wants corporate to send an exterminator to the store. Dina asks Mateo to help her out, by calling Jeff and asking him for special treatment. Jeff tells Mateo that he can't give him special treatment, but Mateo lies to Dina, and he pretends to be the exterminator. Mateo goes around fixing more things, or at least attempting to. It is very funny when it turns out later that the car the ladder fell on was Glenn's--a great recurring joke now (with his car getting stolen in "All-Nighter", and the window destroyed and car filled with water by Dina in "Strike". In the end, it turns out Mateo had set off too many bug bombs. Jeff reveals to Mateo that he came clean about their relationship, and now Mateo has to transfer stores. I'm interested in seeing what happens with that.

This was a good episode, and it would have been a great one if it wasn't for how out-of-character Glenn's story was for him. The rest of the episode was great, and it had a great set up for what happens next with Mateo.

Score: 8/10

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