Designated Survivor S1E13 Review

This week, problems arise when classified information is leaked to the press.

S1E13 "Backfire"

The White House discovers what happened in Arlington National Cemetery, and Kirkman decides that he wants to give a statement on it. Alex wants to know what happened, but she realizes that Tom can't tell her everything he knows about it. A member of the press asks about MacLeish's shoot to kill order, overruling the FBI, regarding the person who shot Kirkman. Kirkman asks Aaron to take some time off to rest, which makes Emily Kirkman's acting chief of staff.

Alex tells Tom that she wants to take the kids to Camp David, because they will be safer there. However, Tom doesn't want his children and wife moved away from him. This is a really tender moment, but it is cut short when Tom has to go to do his job. Hannah tells Kirkman what she has learned, and I'm glad that they are finally learning things and making some progress in uncovering this conspiracy.

Kirkman goes to see what it's like for his kids at school, and sees how their lives aren't normal. Hannah goes to visit Jason, and it is a sad scene as he is alone, and in so much pain. Kirkman addresses the nation, where he defends MacLeish's decision, despite disagreeing with it. The end of the episode reveals that Aaron is being watched, and he has now made contact with someone.

I was very happy that this week's episode had a family storyline, even if it didn't take up much of the episode, because we haven't gotten much of that since the show's first few episodes. I also liked that Hannah and Kirkman finally discovered what happened on the mission in Afghanistan. However, the episode was still to slow, it took them much of the episode to react to the leaked information.

Score: 8/10

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