Feud Season 1 Episodes 3 & 4 Review

Throughout its first two episodes, Feud has left me thoroughly entertained. In addition to being incredibly entertaining and fun to watch, it's also of incredibly high quality and it features some of the best performances of the current TV season. Since I didn't post a review last week, I'll be posting abbreviated reviews of both episodes this week.

Mommie Dearest
In Mommie Dearest, we get to see more of B.D., which is a great thing since we also get to see more of her relationship with her mother, Bette. It was really interesting to see Bette and B.D., who isn't a very good actress, grow a bit closer, especially with some of those jabs at Joan, with Bette insisting that if Joan didn't ruin the film, nobody (including B.D) could.

Filming of Baby Jane also comes to an end in this episode. I'm both upset by and excited by this. I've loved the scenes that have taken place during filming, but I'm excited to see what else will happen with this legendary feud, especially since they won't even have to be around each other much anymore.

I loved this episode. There were some great scenes with Bette and Joan, and for a few minutes, it seemed like they didn't hate each other. The filming scenes were also really great, with both Bette and Joan trying to antagonize the other during the filming (but really, what else is new). I also loved the scene with Bette talking on the phone to her daughter, a scene that was pretty tough to watch but also done remarkably well.

Episode Score: 10/10
Episode Grade: A+

More, or Less
This is the first episode after filming has wrapped, and we get to see how Bette and Joan's lives are after the film. Neither are getting many film offers, and Joan takes it really hard. Bette has a grand old time promoting the film, but Joan stays home and is just freaking miserable. The difference between the two is pretty crazy to see, and  both actresses doing remarkable jobs in this episode.

We also get to see what Bob is up to after Baby Jane. He's working on a western with Frank Sinatra, and at this point I don't care much about the Sinatra film plot, but I hope it's going to lead to something more interesting. Warner says he'll release the film, but only if Bob will make a film similar to Baby Jane and try to get Bette to appear in it.

The final scene, with Joan walking downstairs to find the phones off the hook, was perfect. That scream at the end (when she finds out that Bette was nominated and not her) was the perfect way to end the episode, and I can't wait to see the fallout of the Oscar nominations next week.

I liked this episode less than previous episodes, but that's not to say that I disliked it. It was still an awesome episode, but less so than previous ones. While Bette and Joan again had great storylines, I wasn't too invested in Bob's, though it didn't get much screen time and it didn't bother me much.

Episode Score: 9.5/10
Episode Grade: A

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