Dancing With the Stars Season 24 Episode 2 Review

Dancing With the Stars got off to a pretty strong start last week, with some good dances from stars like Simone Biles and David Ross, and some so-bad-they're-good dances from stars like Chris Kattan and Mr. T. But that was just week one, and this week we'll get to see who can rise to the top and who'll stay at the bottom of the pack.

Simone Biles & Sasha - Cha-Cha
Easily the best of week one, I was expecting a bit more from Simone this week. It wasn't a bad dance, but it was pretty disappointing.
My Score: 7

Bonner Bolton & Sharna - Viennese Waltz
This dance was much better than last week. Like, so much better. While this was far from my favorite of the night, it was still a good dance, and that's all you can really expect in week two.
My Score: 7

Charo & Keo - Paso Doble
Charo is insane. I think that's pretty clear by now. I just needed to get that out of the way. But seriously, this dance wasn't really anything special, though it was a bit better than last week.
My Score: 6

Erika Jayne & Gleb - Foxtrot
I wasn't a big fan of Erika's first dance, but this was better. I still didn't love it, but it was good and I enjoyed it.
My Score: 7

Rashad Jennings & Emma - Viennese Waltz
I liked Rashad's first dance, but I didn't love it like the judges. I did love this dance, which I though was easily the best of the night and an improvement on week one.
My Score: 8

Chris Kattan & Witney - Jazz
Chris' first dance was rough. Really rough. But this second dance improved a lot on the first one and was pretty much on par with Charo for me, even though the judges scored her a few points higher. Still, it was one of the weakest dances of the night by far.
My Score: 6

Nancy Kerrigan & Artem - Cha-Cha
I enjoyed Nancy's first dance, and it was near the top of the group that week. This dance was pretty much on par with last week. Not too much improvement, but it didn't get worse.
My Score: 8

Normani Kordei & Val - Cha-Cha
Normani was one of the most improved of the week for me. She went from the middle of the pack to near the top, with an impressive cha-cha.
My Score: 8

Heather Morris & Maks (Alan) - Jive
This was going so well, and then there was a weird hip hop break in there, and it ruined it a bit for me. I didn't dislike it and I still really enjoyed it, but it wasn't as good as it could have been.  
My Score: 8

David Ross & Lindsay - Cha-Cha
This Cha-Cha was a step down from David's quickstep, which was super fun, but I actually really enjoyed it. It was just so much fun to watch.
My Score: 7

Mr. T & Kym - Paso Doble
This was still not a strong dance, but it was an improvement on last week. Mr. T was the weakest of the night, so he's going to need some major improvement next week if he wants to stick around for much longer.
My Score: 5

Nick Viall & Peta - Foxtrot
Nick didn't improve much at all this week, which isn't very good. This dance had pretty much the same problems as the last one.
My Score: 6


Worst of the Night: Mr. T
(Dis)Honorable Mention: Chris Kattan

Dancer of the Night: Rashad Jennings
Honorable Mention: Normani Kordei

My Rankings for the Week:
1- Rashad Jennings
2- Normani Kordei
3- Heather Morris
4- Nancy Kerrigan
5- Simone Biles
6- Bonner Bolton
7- David Ross
8- Erika Jayne
9- Nick Viall
10- Charo
11- Chris Kattan (OUT)
12- Mr. T

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