Ratings Report Card: FOX Reality

Here are the ratings of the FOX reality shows that have finished for the season, as well as a little recap and a grade for their performances. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen started the night off for FOX on Fridays and did a great job at doing so. It never went fractional and stayed competitive with the other networks. When it moved to Thursdays later in the season, its ratings went up and were a sizable improvement over Rosewood's. In the fall, it was around the performance in relative ratings on Friday as MasterChef Junior, much ahead of what previous time slot occupants have done. Finally, it was only down 3% from last year's raw numbers. I would have liked to see it rise for its finale instead of fall, but that's just a minor hiccup.

Grade: A

My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules aired after an incredibly compatible lead-in. And to say the least, the Australian version that came before the US version is a massive hit. That one airs four nights a week and is almost always the #1 show on its night. Of course, Australia is a much smaller country population-wise than the US, meaning it only needed a little over a million viewers to do so. My Kitchen Rules had a lot going for it, but simply didn't do all that great. It was, at the very least, around on par with the ratings of previous time slot occupant Pitch, so that's a solid.

Grade: C-

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