One Day at a Time Season 1 Review

Netflix's new comedy One Day at a Time was released in January, and I have decided to review this season and future seasons of the show.

I went into this show not knowing much about the original. I wanted to watch this show because I'm a fan of Rita Moreno and Netflix comedies. I also saw some brief previews on TV and thought that the show looked pretty funny. I started the pilot episode, and immediately had the feeling that I would really enjoy this show. And I was so right.

Rita Moreno's character, Lydia, is the highlight of the show. She's very entertaining and funny, but can also have some heartfelt moments. Her moments with Elena, especially when she came out, were really great. Penelope is another great, fierce character who loves her family and does her best to support them, which was demonstrated in "Bobos and Mamitas", an episode that made her so relatable.

While each episode was something really great, the season finale, Quinces, was something really special. The ending especially was great, and it really made you feel that all of the main characters, not just the ones related by blood, are a family. It was touching, sweet, and brilliant. It also sets up something very interesting for the next season. I'm really interested to know if the relationship between Elena and her father will ever recover.

This show helped restore my faith in Netflix's ability to do a proper reboot (or, in this case, remake), after letting me down with previous attempts at reboots of Gilmore Girls and Arrested Development. This was done very well, and is among my Top 3 Netflix Original Programs. I'm hoping it can get some awards recognition, because it deserves it. I finished ODAAT the weekend it was released, and the next day already couldn't wait for more. If you have the time to spare, watch this show. It's a great show to sit down whenever you have the time. Trust me, it's worth it.

Luckily, One Day at a Time has been renewed for a second season, so we'll get to see more of the Alvarez family sometime next year.

Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A
MVP: Rita Moreno
Episode of the Season: Quinces

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