The Catch Season 2 Episode 2 Review

I enjoyed the second season premiere of The Catch last week, but I felt it wasn't as good as the end of the first season. However, it set up a lot of plots that look interesting, so I'm excited to see how they play out tonight.

Alice accepts Margot's case and investigates who shot Jameson. Alice doesn't tell Ben about it. Alice pretty much places Margot under house arrest, because whoever show Jameson probably meant to kill her. In order to find the shooter, Alice decides to pose as Margot. They later change that plan and send multiple "Margots", and they eventually find the shooter. Once he's captured, Alice leaves him for Margot to do whatever to him. Instead of killing him like she threatened, Margot hires the man.

It turns out that the Kincaids weren't who they say they are. At Tommy's urging, they decide to see who their dogs are registered to. It turns out that they aren't they Kincaids, they're the Murphys. Alice offers Tommy a job, but he doesn't get to answer.

Ben and Rhys get their first case from the FBI. They need to catch a man that sells contraband items. The FBI wants them to pose as exterminators, but they play by their own rules and Ben poses as a food critic. Before their heist, Ben invites some family members over for dinner, and he and Rhys get to know Tommy. Now for the heist. They go to a restaurant, where their target works. Ben eats his meal, and because he's posing as a critic, their target, Kenji, comes out to ask how he liked it. Kenji gives Ben a tour of the restaurant. Later on, they plant some cameras. Kenji and Ben bond a bit, and Kenji confesses that he's been doing some illegal things. Diaz wants to arrest him, but he by the next day. he's already fled the country.

This was a pretty good episode, but I didn't like it quite as much as the first episode. Ben and Rhys' heist wasn't very interesting this week, but the rest of the episode was fine. I liked Tommy's story better this week than last week, though.

Episode Score: 8/10
Episode Grade: B

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