New Show Hit/Miss Spring 2017 - Time After Time

ABC's latest attempt on Sundays is (somewhat) time-travel drama Time After Time.

What May Cause Time After Time to be a Hit?

Oscars promotion
The Oscars are one of ABC's highest rated nights of the year. Premiering a week after the Oscars, Time After Time got a solid amount of promotion, that reached a lot of eyeballs, and they have only had a week to forget about it. This sets up for the potential for a lot of people to turn out for Time After Time's premiere, like they did for Resurrection's.

Solid enough match with Once Upon a Time
It may not be the most compatible show with Once Upon a Time, but it has got to be the most compatible Sunday at 9:00 show with it since Resurrection, unlike Secrets & Lies, Blood & Oil, or The Family. Blood & Oil and The Family failed, and Secrets & Lies had a weak start (it just happened to go against the trend from there). Resurrection, on the other had, started out with strong ratings.

What May Cause Time After Time to be a Miss for ABC?

ABC Sundays
It used to be a night ABC performed very well on, but Once Upon a Time has fallen, and it could never launch very successful shows on the night. No new shows to have premiered on the night since then have made it more than two seasons, with those two-seasoners (Resurrection, Secrets & Lies, Quantico) failing in their second years. Why should Time After Time be any different?

Networks love time travel more than audiences do
Time After Time may tell you that it isn't a time-travel show, because characters don't go to another time every week. But it is a time travel show, as it starts out with two people traveling from the past to present day. Timeless failed, and Frequency failed. Networks excitedly developed many time travel projects for 2016-17, but audiences rejected them.

Movie adaptation doesn't tend to work
Do I need to dictate the list again? Go to the Taken post if you want to review it. Lethal Weapon was a rare occurrence, which makes it easier to bet against Time After Time following in its path than for it.

What to Expect for Time After Time?

The factor that stands out to me here is ABC Sundays. They have a terrible track record in launching shows in the post-Desperate Housewives days. For this reason I don't expect Time After Time to be a hit.

Which factors do you think will have the most effect in causing Time After Time to be a hit or a miss? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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