Jane the Virgin S3E8 Review

After only 7 episodes, Jane the Virgin took almost two months off! But, it has finally returned for the remainder of its third season.

S3E8 "Chapter Fifty-Two"

Xo and Bruce are together, and while Alba approves, Jane does not. Jane yells at Bruce after she sees Xo crying, but it turns out that this was not about a fight, but about his daughter not liking Xo. Jane, Xo, and Bruce have dinner, and Jane starts thinking about the perspective of Bruce's daughter. When things end up going wrong with the daughter, Jane goes to her work to confront her, which results in an entertaining scene in which Jane ends up buying things out of guilt.

Michael is upset about his job, so Jane encourages him to research other career options. Also, it is very funny when Michael uses a puppet, and Jane is annoyed by it. Michael quits his job, so now he has to look for a new job. He decides to try stand-up comedy, and it is funny when Jane laughs at that at first. Michael performs, and he discovers he isn't as funny as he thought he was. At the end, Michael realizes that he wants to be a lawyer.

Rogelio's baby-making goes surprisingly well, as he and the mother agree on everything. This is very entertaining. Xo is originally opposed to this, but she eventually understands. Later, when filming a nude scene, Rogelio realizes he has feelings for the soon-to-be mother of his child, and this realization comes at a very inopportune moment.

When Jane discovers that Catalina has a husband, she encourages Catalina to tell Rafael, who wishes that Jane had told him. So, when Jane sees Catalina and her husband kissing, she tells Rafael, which makes Catalina angry. Jane later discovers that Catalina and Rafael are still together, which seems strange.

Petra tries to figure out if Rafael and Scott were working together, so she dresses up at Anezka, which is interesting. Petra confronts Rafael, and later it turns out that, at this time, Petra put cameras in Rafael's room, which leads to her learning that Rafael isn't entitled to anything.

This was a strong episode, with a few twists that you can expect of this show, and many funny moments as well.

Score: 9/10

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