Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2E12 Review

The season finale is almost here, and Rebecca, and the writers, have a lot to do before next week.

S2E12 "Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?"

Rebecca is preparing for her wedding, and it is funny when she reflects on why she is planning it herself, showing how her mother was too busy, and Paula had finals to study for. Heather helps Rebecca realize how much planning weddings require. Rebecca runs into Valencia, and it is sad to see their friendship hurt as much as it is now, and to see how depressed Valencia seems to be. At work, Nathaniel is annoyed with the attitudes of the people who work there, especially Rebecca, and he has some very funny moments.

Rebecca sets out to accomplish everything she needs to for the wedding to make it just like the one she saw online, and she kind of goes crazy with all of this. Paula comes over to Rebecca's, and tries to convince her to postpone the wedding, or at least simplify it. However, Rebecca is unconvinced. Meanwhile, Nathaniel tries to power through sickness at work, which just results in increasingly embarrassing moments for him.

Heather goes over to Valencia's because of how crazy Rebecca is being, and Valencia shares how she is unsure about the direction of her life. Rebecca discovers that her dad won't be coming to her wedding, and she starts freaking out. Valencia discovers Rebecca's wedding planning, and Rebecca decides to give up on planning her wedding, convinced it will be a failure. So, Valencia steps in, and decides to give Rebecca the wedding of her dreams. Josh, however, isn't very excited about Valencia planning his wedding.

Patrick tells Paula what is going on with Rebecca, which is a short little scene that I loved. It turns out that Paula called Naomi and demanded that she get Rebecca a great wedding dress. Then, Nathaniel sends a private plane to bring in Rebecca's dad for the wedding. It was great to see at the end of this episode all of Rebecca's friends showing how much they care about her. Then, at the very end, it is revealed that Trent's part in the story isn't over, and he doesn't want Rebecca and Josh to get married,

And now for my thoughts on the episode's songs...

Man Nap: This was a good song, though a bit too short. It felt like it was cut down, which is very possible, as like Rebecca has a lot to accomplish this week, the writers likely have a lot to accomplish this week as well.

(Tell Me I'm Okay) Patrick: After a funnier start, especially with Patrick's wonderful reactions to Rebecca, this song got very deep, as Rebecca shares how she doesn't feel normal. This is one my favorite songs of the season.

This was a great episode. There were many funny moments, and the story worked very well. Also, this episode had two great songs.

Score: 10/10

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