Mom S4E11 Review

Chris Pratt guest stars tonight in Mom! I'm honestly very surprised that he hasn't guest starred yet. I am often annoyed by highly promoted guest stars, but Chris Pratt is hilarious.

S4E11 "Good Karma and the Big Weird"

At the start of the episode, Christy meets a guy (played by Chris Pratt), and it is very funny when all of the girls want to be with him. However, Marjorie won't allow any of them to. Christy doesn't listen, and she goes to take a lesson in horse riding from him. There are some funny Christy moments here, though it goes a little over the top with her goofiness.

Christy tells Bonnie about what happened, and it is very funny when she says how proud she is. Bonnie makes references to horses and such as the girls talk after a meeting, which is funny, but, realistically, Marjorie should have caught on. Despite being completely normal earlier, Chris Pratt's character becomes completely weird when they go on a date. In the end, Christy tells him it's over, and it's funny when he keeps denying that.

The change in character between the horse riding and the first date was a bit drastic, but otherwise this was a great episode.

Score: 9/10

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