The Good Place S1E10 Review

NBC's new heavily serialized comedy returns this week, and I am very excited about that.

S1E10 "Chidi's Choice"

The episode starts right where the last left off, with Tahani having discovered that Jianyu is Jason. This is really funny, as Jason introduces himself. "Real" Eleanor and a human rights activist help with a legal argument for Eleanor, and they think that Eleanor is in love with Chidi. Eleanor then realizes that she is in love with Chidi. Chidi struggles with decision making, which is very funny, and there is even a funny flashback about it. Eleanor tells Chidi that she loves him, which is funny, and then Tahani comes in and says that she believes they are supposed to be together. Eleanor has a hilarious line about getting a do-over. Now, Chidi has to make another choice.

Jason re-watches his favorite moment from his life, which is funny, and then Janet comes to help him, which becomes hilarious, especially when he tells Janet that he loves her, and then she says "okay" and goes away. Eleanor insists that she and Tahani should be friendly instead of fighting, so Tahani decides they should watch a show she loves, and there is a funny joke about how few episodes British shows make each season. Eleanor thinks about the things that she and Jason have in common, and just as soon as she realizes that they may be supposed to be together, Janet shows up telling them that she and Jianyu are getting married in 10 minutes, which is hilarious.

After Chidi remembers that it was his indecision that caused him to be standing where an air conditioning unit would hit and kill him. The wedding happens, which is one of the show's most hilarious moments, and I especially loved when Janet asked if anyone objected, and then she overruled them. I loved this wedding so much. Chidi shows up at the end, and Eleanor and Tahani tell him that they don't think they really love him in that way.

Everything about Jianyu/Jason and Janet this week was great. I had only minor problems with the episode, as I felt that Chidi's story wrapped up too neatly.

Score: 9.5/10

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