Speechless S1E11 Review

This week, the DiMeos go on a road trip. Where will it take them? Also, Kenneth goes to school without J.J.


At the beginning of the episode, Maya and Jimmy announce, through song, that they are going on a road trip. This is very much a DiMeo thing to do: traveling in early January because that's the cheapest time to travel, and they don't plan anything. Ray wishes the trip was planned, but Maya insists that this way is the best way. She keeps getting "signs" that they are supposed to be going the way they are, which is very funny.

Dylan gets fortunes while at the craft fair, which is very funny, especially when she checks to see if the alpaca is a male. Ray reveals that he secretly planned everything, which is a great twist, and it gets better when Maya decides to go against his upcoming plans. Some things that Jimmy and J.J. decided to sell turns out to have been important, as Dylan naturally has very curly hair.

When the family ends up having to take Ray to the hospital, he discovers that Maya is always prepared for this type of event, and is actually organized when it comes to medical things. Ray is taken into surgery, and the family all says things to him. It's funny when he asks why Dylan went last, as she apologizes for being a bad sister instead of comforting him. After the surgery, Maya brings Ray things representing each of the things he had wanted to do earlier.

Kenneth goes to school without J.J, which is awkward in a great way. He doesn't fit in anywhere, with the students, the teachers, or even the people he used to eat with before he became J.J's aide. He ends up fitting in with the principal, as she also doesn't have anyone to eat lunch with, but it is sad at the end when Maya calls him needing things, and the principal ends up waiting for him to show up.

This was a strong episode. All stories were entertaining. I thought that both of the episode's minor stories were great touches.

Score: 9.5/10

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