Mom S4E10 Review

This week, Christy thinks she is getting a surprise party.

S4E10 "A Safe Word and a Rib Eye"

At the beginning of the episode, Bonnie reveals to Christy that Jill is pregnant. Later, Bonnie and Marjorie talk about lying, which is pretty funny. Jill has some good lines when she shares at a meeting, where she shares her news. Wendy, Bonnie, and Marjorie prepare a surprise party for Christy, which has a couple of good jokes. The show gets serious, however, when Jill loses the baby.

Jill doesn't want to be comforted by anyone, especially by Christy. So, Christy goes to a meeting, where she realizes that she is the kind of sober person who thinks they know everything. Jill eventually talks to Bonnie, and it is a great conversation. It really reminded me that Allison Janney isn't just a great comedic actress, she is also a great serious one.

The group is finally all getting along now, and Jill reveals that she can get pregnant again now. Christy offers her support, but Jill says that she doesn't want to. Because of Bonnie's story, Jill has decided to foster a child. The episode ends with Bonnie bragging about being the new leader of the group, which is hilarious.

This episode had a great Act Two. The serious moments were great, and I loved the way it ended.

Score: 9/10

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