Superstore S2E11 Review

This week, Cloud 9 goes through a rebranding with their in-store brand. Also, rumors go around about Sandra dating Jeff.

S2E11 "Rebranding"

At the beginning of the episode, it is announced that Cloud 9's store brand will be changing from Halo to Super Cloud. The employees are not excited about this, and it is very funny when Jonah asks how it is different, and Jeff doesn't have a response. Jonah talks to someone in the store who wants the Halo product, which is a hilarious scene, as he talks about his break up. Then, the person wants to rub the toilet paper on Jonah's stomach to show him what it feels like. This is so funny, I want more customer interactions like this.

Cheyenne wants to buy things that are on sale, but Glenn won't let her because she is not supposed to, and the corporate people are right by. It is funny when he tries to explain to her, but they can't read each other's lips. It is very funny later when Cheyenne tries to keep someone from buying all of what she wants. Cheyenne then hides everything she wants, but another employee find them.

It turns out that Jonah and the person from corporate knows Jonah, and Amy really enjoys finding out things about Jonah's past. This is very funny, but then things get interesting when it is revealed that Jonah deferred for two years, and might be going back to school. Glenn has an emotional reaction to this, which is hilarious. Amy tries to get Jonah to cancel his deferment when he offers, and it is funny when he then makes excuses. Jonah pretends he is going to cancel, but discovers his deferment lapsed. This leads to a great connection between Jonah and Amy.

Dina gets upset when Jeff blames her for something, and it is very funny when she talks about him with some other people, and Mateo says he hopes he dies. Mateo tells Jeff how Dina feels, and Jeff ends up making a reference to something Dina said in front of her, so she decides that she will destroy whoever ratted her out. Mateo blames Sandra, saying that he saw her and Jeff kissing, but then when Dina reveals that, Sandra plays along. Her telling of what happened between her and Jeff is very funny.

This was a strong episode. Every story in the episode was very funny, and it ended with a great moment between Amy and Jonah.

Score: 9.5/10

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