The Good Place S1E11 Review

The last two episodes of the season air next week, so this week will be preparing for that.

S1E11 "What's My Motivation"

Eleanor tries to do good things, and use the points system from Earth to be able to argue that she should be able to stay in the good place. Tahani helps her, and is excited about how everyone hates Eleanor, because she is good at fixing those kind of things.

A party is thrown, where Michael gives a terrible speech, because he is distressed, and it is is very funny. Eleanor's numbers don't go up, due to her motivation, so she figures out what she needs to do. She decides she needs to go to the bad place.

Jason wants Janet to tell "her dad" (Michael) about their marriage. It is very funny when Michael ends up finding out, even though Janet won't tell him. Michael's reaction is hilarious. Michael meets with the married couple, and it is hilarious when Michael keeps telling Janet to leave, and Jason keeps telling her to stay.

It turns out the mix up occurred because Jason and Jianyu have the same IQ, which is funny. Michael tests Jason to see if he is fundamentally a good person, and he totally fails the test, which is very funny. Jason discovers how he died, and it of course was a result of his stupidity.

At the end, Jason and Janet decide to run off together, and when they discover Eleanor, they tell her about where they are going, a medium place. It is funny when Eleanor is excited about this place existing. Michael realizes the case for Eleanor staying probably won't go very well when she steals the judge's train.

Jason, Michael, and Janet were hilarious this week. Eleanor also had some really good moments. Chidi's story was weak, and honestly pretty boring, but the other two, larger stories weren't.

Score: 8.5/10

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