FOX Renew/Cancel Watch: Sleepy Hollow Enters

First and foremost, for the sake of better comparison, I've decided to pay more attention to Variety's ad rate estimates, as AdAge only lists primarily fall shows, while Variety has estimated rates for the midseason shows as well. This should lead to better comparisons. Secondly, since an ability to attract a younger audience could be key for a low-rated show, so I'm also going to look into the ratings a show has in W18-34 and M18-34 relative to the other shows on the network. In the above table is a look at the latest predictions, with one new show added.

Why Is Sleepy Hollow Leaning Cancelation?
Sleepy Hollow premiered to just a 0.6 L+SD A18-49 rating, or a 45 A18-49 for FOX in relative ratings. Its ad rate as estimated by Variety pins it at 46% of FOX's average, so it premiered a tad lower than that and most likely is only bound to go even lower. Now entering its fourth season, Sleepy Hollow now has many episodes to its name for the purposes of a streaming and/or syndicated afterlife, but as low-rated as it is, a fifth season wouldn't be too much of a shocker if the ratings get a little bit better. 

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