The Good Place Season 1 Finale Review

With all the twists that have happened so far this season, as The Good Place advanced at a very fast pace, a lot is sure to happen in the last hour of season one.

S1E12 "Mindy St. Claire"

Eleanor, Jason, and Janet are headed to the medium place, and Jason hilariously asks if there is a 7-eleven on the way. Janet then explains how Jason had told her about what sexy is, which is a funny list. Back in the good place, Bad Janet presents the case of why Eleanor should go to the bad place, which is very funny as Bad Janet always is, and then the others argue for her to stay in the good place. However, the judge does not accept any emotion, which is funny. A flashback to Eleanor's work is also very funny.

In the medium place, Jason and Janet try to figure out how to have sex, which is extremely hilarious. Eleanor's memories are reviewed, which are very funny, and then the judge comes to a decision. He communicates with Eleanor and Jason by putting Bad Janet and Janet into walkie-talkie mode. I loved when Jason asked if Janet was having an orgasm when this happened. The show then dramatically increases the stakes: if Eleanor and Jason do not return, Chidi and Tahani will be sent to the bad place. There were also a couple of good insults regarding Jason, toward Florida and DJs.

Chidi and Tahani worry about going to the bad place, and it is very funny when Tahani shares what she thinks the bad place would be like. A flashback reveals what Eleanor's life was like when she was younger, which is what she used as an excuse on Earth. It was very interesting to see even further into her past, and I hope we get more of that in the future. Just after time runs out, Eleanor and Jason show up.

S1E13 "Michael's Gambit"

The group has to choose which two of them goes to the bad place. As the group decides, Janet has a couple good lines, such as about how her marriage is not legal. The real Eleanor then comes in, and says that she will go, because her soul mate doesn't love her, and she has been to the bad place.

Everyone keeps volunteering to go to the bad place, except for Jason. Then, the biggest twist of all happens. Eleanor concludes that they are actually in the bad place at that moment, and this left me trying to figure this all out, because in this show, that could totally be a set-up for a joke, where they say she is wrong.

In a flashback, Michael gives his proposition for an eternity where four people torture each other. This was incredibly interesting. It is revealed why Tahani and Chidi are there, and while Tahani's was more obvious, Chidi's wasn't.

At the end of the episode, Eleanor gets an idea. She writes on a piece of paper, and puts it in Janet's mouth. Then, the episode goes through a lot of the things that happened in the premiere, but her new soulmate is shallow and attractive. Then, Janet gives Eleanor the paper, which says "find Chidi".

Episode 12 was hilarious, and provided some nice twists. Episode 13 was absolutely insane, and had some good funny moments. The ending was frustrating, but definitely not bad. If this show is canceled, I don't know what I will do.

Score: 10/10 (episode 12)

Score: 10/10 (episode 13)

What did you think of "Mindy St. Claire" and "Michael's Gambit"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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