New Show Hit/Miss Winter 2017 - Doubt

Now we are on to CBS's fourth and final new show this winter, legal drama Doubt, which will be airing Wednesdays at 10:00 beginning on February 15.

What May Cause Doubt to be a Hit?

Success of legal drama Bull
Bull succeeding for CBS in years where they have struggled in the drama department indicates the possibility that the CBS audience wants legal dramas. It's the logical next step from police shows, as justice goes hand-in-hand with law enforcement.

More female-aimed than competition
Doubt's competition will be Designated Survivor on ABC, which features a male lead, and Chicago PD, which isn't very female-skewing, getting better numbers in M18-49 compared to the network average than it is in W18-49 compared to the network average. It is likely there is a female audience out there for Doubt.

Solid lead-in
While not a huge hit today, Criminal Minds still provides solid ratings for CBS, and Doubt will get the show as a lead-in. This is one of the better lead-ins that a CBS drama could ask for. While it is no NCIS, it will provide solid support for Doubt.

What May Cause Doubt to be a Miss for CBS?

Lack of success for Katherine Heigl
Since leaving Grey's Anatomy, Katherine Heigl went to film. She returned to TV, however, with State of Affairs on NBC, which totally flopped. Why would this show be any different than Heigl's last starer?

Too serialized for CBS
CBS has stuck to mostly procedurals, though some shows have been more serialized. Madam Secretary is the current CBS show that is likely most similar to Doubt in how serialized it is, and it struggles on Sundays. Perhaps the CBS audience won't be very accepting of a fairly serialized legal drama.

What to Expect for Doubt?

I think that how serialized the show is will be the main factor working against it, but I think it's possible that the positive factors, specifically its lead-in, are able to overcome this.

Which factors do you think will be most in play in causing Doubt to be a hit or a miss? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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