Modern Family S8E11 Review

Shelley Long makes an appearance this week, and it is the first time that her character DeDe will get to interact with the family in a while, as her last appearance was brief, and only on a computer screen.

S8E11 "Sarge & Pea"

Claire and Mitch discover that DeDe is at an event that only they and Jay are at, and there are some funny lines about this. Then, Claire pushes Mitch, making him deal with DeDe, which is very funny. DeDe pressures them to let her sit with them, which was a hilarious moment. Claire and Mitch end up causing a scene, and they blame Jay and DeDe. This leads to a great, more serious moment where the family talks about the past, and why things didn't work out.

Phil and Gloria take Luke and Manny on a college tour, and it is very funny as Gloria keeps pranking Manny to prepare him for college. Luke is feeling dumb at this college, and there is a great scene between him and Phil in the bell tower. Luke and Manny end up discovering that they both applied to the college because they would feel better going to the same college. Meanwhile, Phil and Gloria talk, and this is a great moment as well.

When Cam thinks he sees the woman who caused him to miss a moment at Lily's recital, it leads to him pretending he is the person she is supposed to be on a blind date with, and tells the real guy that Haley is who he is supposed to meet. It is very funny when Haley doesn't know the big words that are supposed to be her interests, and Alex helps her out.

The two bigger stories, the one with the Pritchett family, and the one on the college tour, were great, with both many funny moments, and sincere endings. The other story had some good jokes, but definitely wasn't as strong as the other two.

Score: 9.5/10

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