New Show Hit/Miss Winter 2017 - Emerald City

We are now moving on to NBC, beginning with Emerald City, which premieres tonight.

What May Cause Emerald City to be a Hit?

Similar audience as Grimm
Emerald City will be airing after the final season of Grimm, a show that it shares a fantasy element with. In addition, it will be airing in the timeslot that Grimm aired in, and was fairly successful in, for much of its run. This means it has a chance at getting former and current Grimm viewers, as they are used to watching television on Friday nights.

9:00 timeslot
9:00 is the best hour for a new show to air in. Grimm has definitely done better when at 9:00 then when at another time. Also, airing at this time is better than 8:00, because it won't have to deal with local programming as a lead-in, and better than 10:00 because many shows have failed trying to air on Fridays at 10:00 on NBC in recent years.

What May Cause Emerald City to be a Miss for NBC?

Decline of Grimm and Once Upon a Time
Are viewers no longer interested, or no longer looking to broadcast, for fantasy TV shows? It seems like a possibility, considering how much Grimm and Once Upon a Time have fallen in recent years. Launching a new show whose most similar broadcast TV shows are in decline may not work.

Friday night is hard (look at past NBC shows)
Since Grimm has premiered, NBC has tried to launch Dracula, Constantine, and Truth be Told on Friday night, and none worked, not even Constantine, which looked like the show that could do well if any could on Friday night on NBC.

What to Expect for Emerald City?

I think that NBC's Friday night problems plus the decline of fantasy shows will hurt more than Grimm can help. I don't expect Emerald City to succeed. However, I am prepared to be surprised by this show, as I think that could definitely happen.

Which factors do you think will have the greatest impact in causing Emerald City to be a hit or a miss? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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