Modern Family S8E10 Review

Phil's dad visits on New Year's Day this year on Modern Family. Fred Willard is one of my favorite recurring guests on this show, so I am excited about his return.

S8E10 "Ringmaster Keifth"

The family is spending New Year's Day at Jay and Gloria's. Mitch insists that Jay and Gloria need to figure out their estate planning, after an incident where Gloria says that Stella was trying to kill her. Phil's dad visits, and he brings with him a new girlfriend, who Phil had a crush on as a kid. It is very funny when Phil's dad talks about how they got connected, as she convinced him to change his mind on jury duty.

Mitch calls the ebutler service, and Cam is convinced that the voice on the phone was that of an ex who left him. Jay and Gloria talk about who would take care of Joe if they died, which is an obvious repeat of Cam and Mitch's story in "Someone to Watch Over Lily". Phil's story is also a copy of something that the show did already, as in "Travels with Scout", Claire tries to get Phil to have a serious conversation with his dad. Gloria releases that the bag she put Manny's college money into is the one that Haley and Alex borrowed for a 90s party.

Cam keeps making remarks as his ex helps swap out the pigs. The solution to Jay and Gloria's decision ends up being Manny, who would be happy to raise Joe, and wouldn't want anyone else to do it. Phil talks to his dad, who plans on proposing, which is a pretty good more serious moment. Cam ends up getting closure with his ex. At the end of the episode, the family eats, and it is funny when they realize it has nuts on it, and Alex is allergic.

Two of the three stories this week were completely unoriginal. Jay and Gloria at least had many funny moments, while Phil was not as funny. Cam and Mitch's story was original, but had few funny moments. This was easily the weakest episode yet this season.

Score: 5.5/10

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