Speechless S1E13 Review

This week, the family tries to keep J.J. from getting sick while others get sick.


At the start of the episode, Maya has a great morning. I loved her line about how a light was green before it was red. Things change, however, when Kenneth sneezes, and Maya ends up off her game. Maya ends up getting sick, which ends up being quite over the top. Jimmy has to take over all of Maya's tasks, and it is very entertaining when he ends up actually being very good at these things.

Maya discovers that Jimmy was lying about the difficulty of the day, and I loved that J.J. was the one who gave it away. Jimmy struggles to come up with what he does for the family when he discovers how much Maya does, which was a great scene. I especially loved his line about always being tired. As everything in the house goes wrong, Jimmy tells Kenneth what to do to calm down each family member, which is hilarious.

Because of Kenneth's sneezing, one of the siblings will have to read J.J.'s board, and it is funny when J.J. chooses Dylan, saying her reasoning is better, even though only Ray gave a reason. Dylan meets a boy in one of J.J.'s classes that she immediately has a crush on, which is an interesting story for her, as she is the sibling that hasn't had any sort of romantic story yet. In the end, Dylan discovers that J.J. wasn't embarrassed of Dylan, but that he was protecting her, which is kind of a typical type of ending, but they did it well.

The main story was great, Jimmy had many great moments. J.J. and Dylan's story wasn't as strong, but it was still good. Also, I enjoyed the recurring joke of criticizing Ray's moons.

Score: 9.5/10

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