Bull S1E11 Review

Bull deals with a more unusual case this week, having to do with a teacher and her student who are in love.

S1E11 "Teacher's Pet"

Bull represents the prosecution this week, which is a first for the show. He visits the couple, where he discovers that the teacher is controlling. Instead of asking questions of the potential jurors, their profiles are analyzed. They look especially for grandparents, not parents, and people who like structure. The jury selection this week was very interesting.

The team discovers that the teacher is pregnant, and if she is more than three months pregnant, then the student was under seventeen years old when they started sleeping together. In court, the prosecution gets helped out by the word "pedophile" getting thrown around. Danny pretends to be someone from the department of education in order to sneak into the teacher's apartment.

The teacher is put on the stand, and as a result the jury ends up on her side. However, the prosecution reveals that she is four months pregnant. They think they have it, but it turns out that the baby is her husband's. Bull and Danny follow the teacher and student to New Jersey, and Bull and Danny have a great discussion in the car before confronting the two.

Bull talks to the teacher, and he makes her realize what she is doing. Then, he talks to the student, and helps him realize what is going on. He makes up with his parents, and the court case is never really resolved. Bull then talks to Chunk, as a follow up to a conversation they had earlier in the episode. I really didn't see the point of that part of the episode.

This wasn't the strongest episode, though it definitely had its moments, such as the jury selection, and Danny going into the teacher's apartment.

Score: 7/10

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