Mom S4E9 Review

This week, Bonnie meets Adam's best friend.

S4E9 "Bad Hand and British Royalty"

The episode has a funny start, where Christy complains to Bonnie about hearing her and Adam at night. Bonnie is nervous about Adam introducing her to his friends. It is pretty funny when she wonders if she should just break up with Adam. However, it turns out that Adam's friends like her way more than she likes them.

The wife of Adam's friend reveals to Bonnie and Christy that she and Adam used to be a couple, though her husband doesn't know. Things end up going quite over-the-top with the friends, and they are really just too drunk for the show to draw it out for so long.

I hardly laughed this week, and really ended up finding myself more annoyed than anything else. There's only so far you can go with super drunk people are terrible guests, and this episode went far beyond that.

Score: 3.5/10

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