Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2E10 Review

Recently renewed for season 3, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is nearing the end of season 2, with only 3 more episodes to go after this one. Also, this week Rebecca's mother returns!

S2E10 "Will Scarsdale Like Josh's Shayna Punim?"

At the start of the episode, Rebecca and Josh are putting their relationship all over social media, which is very funny. Darryl is nervous at work, because he isn't really in the loop anymore. As Rebecca and Josh talk to people, there is a recurring joke about how many social media platforms they posted about their relationship on. The conversation between Rebecca and Valencia is great for two reasons. The first is that their relationship doesn't just go right back to hating each other, but she is affected by Rebecca and Josh being together. The second is that Valencia, like Heather, points out the problems in Rebecca's delusion.

Rebecca and Josh arrive and Rebecca's mother's, and she is funny as usual. Some of her great lines include when she calls Josh "the oriental", and when she talks about her vagina. Back at the law firm, Darryl wants to stand up for his employees, but isn't able to. This is both funny, and it really gets into his insecurities. Rebecca's mother ends up singing "Period Sex", which is hilarious (I wonder how many times that song will be referenced), and she ends up getting along with Josh. It is very funny when Rebecca's mother tells her why oriental is an offensive term.

Rebecca is surprised when Josh actually likes her mother. Rebecca and Josh run into Audra Levine and her husband. There are some great jokes regarding Rebecca having slept with Audra's husband, and he and Josh end up getting along very well. Back at the firm, Darryl brings in a ton of candy, which I really enjoyed. Darryl hides the candy, which falls out onto Nathaniel, and it is hilarious when Darryl fails at hiding. The employees all stand up for Darryl, which is a great moment, and then I loved Darryl's line about how Nathaniel can't take away their candy. Nathaniel talks to his father, and this results in digging deeper into his character, which had obviously been coming.

Darryl talks to Nathaniel, and it turns out they both have problems with their dads. Darryl says some wise words to Nathaniel; it is a great scene. Josh is worried about his relationship with Rebecca, so he turns to her mom. Nathaniel lets Darryl work on the big case that the firm is handling, and this story has a funny ending, as there are a couple of good Darryl jokes. Rebecca talks to Dr. Akopian, who gets very excited when Rebecca finally realizes that her issues won't be solved by a man. However, Rebecca completely forgets what she had learned when Josh proposes to her. I loved Dr. Akopian screaming "no" at this, because I am right there with her. However, we all know that Rebecca does not make wise choices.

And now for my thoughts on the songs of the episode...

We'll Never Have Problems Again: I loved the style of this song. That was an interesting and entertaining choice. I also liked the message of how Rebecca and Josh are completely delusional.

Remember That We Suffered: This just may be my favorite song of the season. It was fun, funny, and really hinted at something bigger, with a line about how Rebecca doesn't know what pain is, a commentary on how society tends to not acknowledge mental illness as serious, at least compared to things that are more physical.

I was not thrilled about the law firm storyline at first, but it definitely improved as it went on. This episode had many great funny moments, and moments that really identified the characters' issues. Also, the songs of this episode were great.

Score: 10/10

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