Speechless S1E12 Review

This week, Ray has to give a speech about who is hero is, and, of course, he wants to talk about J.J.

S1E12 "H-E-R-HERO"

The episode has an entertaining start, as Dylan and Ray set up a ramp for J.J. to go off of, and the hilarious reveal here is that the parents encouraged this. As a result of this going wrong, J.J. has to get a new wheelchair, which has problems. So, Maya and Jimmy try to convince the insurance to help them, which leads to Maya having to ride a horse.

It is very funny when Maya tries dancing for the horse. They end up in an interesting dilemma, when the one way they can get J.J. a better wheelchair is for Dylan to lose at a race. There were a couple of great moments here, when Dylan overhears and decides to lose the race, and when Maya and Jimmy change their minds, and tell her to win.

Ray wants to win an essay contest, and the way he would do that is talking about J.J. However, J.J. doesn't want him to call him his hero. J.J. has some funny moments, such as when he chases Ray, and later when he ignores his high-five.

After another student that J.J. doesn't even know talks about him in his essay, and the principal is hilariously encouraged, J.J. allows Ray to talk about him, in order to win. It is very funny when Ray, J.J, and Kenneth work together to write the new speech, and use as many cliche lines as possible.

The episode has a great ending, as the speech given by J.J's fake friend ends up inspiring the insurance lady to help out the family. This did a great job of tying the two storylines of the episode together. Finally, the tag was hilarious, as Kenneth did a typical narration about what happened with everyone after the episode ended.

Both stories of this episode had many great moments, and I loved the ending. Another strong episode of Speechless.

Score: 10/10

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