The Middle S8E11 Review

This week, Frankie wins a maid for a month, while Mike tries to figure out what to do with his dad, and Axl has housing troubles.

S8E11 "Hoosier Maid"

Frankie wins a maid for twice a week for a month. However, the maid is old, so Frankie ends up feeling sorry for her, and at one point has the maid lie down, and does the chores herself. She gets a second maid, but this maid keeps needing to show her something, which Frankie keeps saying she will take care of. At the end, she gets a great maid, but then the service ends.

Frankie sends Mike to get a nice vacuum cleaner from his dad, and he discovers how poor of a condition his dad is in now. Mike talks to his brother, who has some terrible ideas, such as sending old people to war, which is hilarious. It turns out that Mike's dad was fine, which is an anticlimactic ending.

Axl, Hutch, and Kenny move into temporary housing, and there is a funny joke about Axl and Hutch using the same toothbrush and underwear. They end up getting sue kicked out of temporary housing when April hilariously tells the RA everything.

Frankie's story started out strong, but then not much happened with it later on. Mike's story had good moments, but I didn't like the ending of it. Sue and Axl's story was pretty funny.

Score: 7.5/10

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