Relative Ad Rates: ABC

Relative Ad Rates
Show Ad Rate Relative
America's Funniest Home Videos 55885 48
Once Upon a Time 110710 96
Secrets & Lies 95517 83
Time After Time 89356 77
Quantico 102430 89
Dancing with the Stars 110463 96
The Bachelor 126515 109
Conviction 105981 92
The Middle 123594 107
American Housewife 93439 81
Imaginary Mary 74044 64
Fresh Off The Boat 101045 87
Downward Dog 60977 53
The Real O'Neals 71869 62
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 102254 88
The Goldbergs 154120 133
Speechless 134861 117
Modern Family 208938 181
Black-ish 139828 121
Designated Survivor 166896 144
American Crime 59736 52
Grey's Anatomy 219152 189
Notorious 141278 122
Scandal 177213 153
How to Get Away with Murder 215055 186
The Catch 116389 96
Last Man Standing 81303 70
Dr. Ken 61217 53
Shark Tank 97537 84
20/20 72190 62

Relative Ratings
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The Consensus
First off, every single one of the comedies is overperforming. While The Real O'Neals still didn't do enough in raw for a full season, the rest of the weekday comedies look strong, and if contract negotiations work out, expect most if not all of the rest of the comedies to come back for another season. It's trickier on the drama side of things; if history repeats itself, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is most likely done. It's decent in M18-34, but the fact that the other demographics are so low, combined with the fact it's been preempted for a rerun of a magic show amongst other times, tells me there probably isn't much time left for it. Once Upon a Time too may have some troubles coming, especially if ratings continue to fall in the spring. Last season, the correlation turned into a causation for the cancellations of Castle and Nashville, and Once could be headed the same way.

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