Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2E8-9 Review

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns this winter with a two-hour mid-season premiere.

S2E8 "Who Is Josh's Soup Fairy?"

Paula's husband tells her that he slept with someone from work. This leads her to explode at work when the ice trays are left in the freezer empty. Rebecca and Mrs. Hernandez comfort her, which is a hilarious scene, as Rebecca keeps guessing wrong, and she realizes that Mrs. Hernandez talks, and she never noticed. Rebecca decides to help out Paula, which ends up being harder than she had realized.

Rebecca takes Tommy to the store, and runs into Josh. It is very funny when she gives Tommy a ton of money for candy, and then is awkward talking to Josh. Rebecca ends up sending soup to Josh, and includes a hilarious note. However, the note gets smudged, and he assumes the note is from Anna, his girlfriend. Rebecca has some very funny moments when she discovers that Tommy is looking at pornographic magazines, and then decides that they will go to Spiders' so she can tell Josh that she sent him the soup.

Rebecca realizes that her plan has problems when she sees Anna at Spiders', who she had lied to earlier. She loses Tommy, and turns to Heather, which results in some funny moments. Rebecca gets very upset about losing Tommy, and it is a great moment when Heather says she's not going to disagree with Rebecca calling herself stupid. Anna breaks up with Josh after his modeling.

Josh concludes that Rebecca is great after White Josh and Hector help him realize that she was the one who sent the soup, and they have great reactions to his revelation. Josh tells Rebecca that he wants to be with her, but Rebecca finally makes a rare, healthy decision. She decides to stay with Paula, and she tells her the truth. This was a great moment of development for Rebecca, who usually makes very unhealthy decisions.

And now for my thoughts on the songs of the episode...

So Maternal: This is a hilarious song, as Rebecca is convinced that she is the best mom. I loved the lines of the song about this, like when she was interviewed.

Duh!: This song was somewhat funny. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't bad.

S2E9 "When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh?"

Paula encourages Rebecca to go with Josh, after threatening him, which is funny. The episode then repeats some moments from the pilot, when Rebecca first arrived in West Covina. This is a great callback. Despite Rebecca and Josh's new happiness, she has to go in to work, where she discovers that Darryl has sold part of the firm. Rebecca's reaction of disbelief to this is fairly entertaining.

Darryl discovers that the new boss is the majority owner. Rebecca tries to help keep people hired, and she has a funny phone conversation, where she says that she will let the guy she is talking to speak to her sexually if he hires them. In a meeting the next morning, she has some hilarious lines, where she relates to people who are her total opposite.

Rebecca and Josh go to dinner, and Rebecca's new boss ends up being there. He gets in her head about Josh. Rebecca and Paula work together to try to prove a cemetery is stacking bodies, which is really funny, as they get quite excited about it. When the security guard arrives, Rebecca runs, but Paula can't, which is very funny.

Rebecca, in her last effort to keep people from getting fired, chases the new boss around the conference room, which is hilarious. The firm ends up getting the money, and the new boss has a funny line about how dramatic everyone is. The episode has a funny ending, as Rebecca suggests to Josh that she chase her, and Paula goes to the aquarium, which is hilarious.

And now for my thoughts on the songs of the episode...

Who's the New Guy?: The song has some great lines, as it goes very meta, about it being late into the season for a new guy to show up, and about the ratings being bad. This is one of my favorites this season.

George's Turn: This song had a funny ending, as he said he wouldn't be interrupted, and then the show interrupted him.

In the first episode, Josh's parts of the story weren't really funny, but Rebecca's parts were. In the second episode, the funny moments were fewer. Also, that episode did even less than the first in advancing the overall story. Also, Valencia didn't appear in either episode tonight.

Score: 8/10 (episode 8)

Score: 7/10 (episode 9)

What did you think of "Who Is Josh's Soup Fairy?" and "When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh?" Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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