Jane the Virgin S2E21 Review

After a season of many twists, we are nearing the end. We have now reached the penultimate episode of the season, which will set up a sure to be interesting season finale.

S2E21 "Chapter Forty-Three"

Six months earlier, Jane reserved a popular entertainer for Mateo's first birthday, and the race between her and the other mom is hilarious. In the present, Jane is planning two parties, a wedding and a birthday, and her writing is going well; her advisor likes her work, and Alba meets someone who works in publishing and agrees to read Jane's work, and this person actually works in publishing, unlike the previous people Alba set Jane up with, which is a hilarious flashback. The people who work on Rogelio's show plan to strike, and they plan to begin the day before Jane's wedding.

Jane goes into hyper planning mode so that the wedding can happen on Thursday instead of Saturday as a last resort. Rogelio makes a deal with the leader of the strike, if he can last a week on the crew, they will postpone the strike. This is a great idea to set up entertaining situations. Jane meets the publishing friend of Alba's, and worries about how good her writing is. Jane and Petra try to keep the other from being alone with Rafael. Rafael decides to go with Petra's idea, which Jane is not happy about.

The FBI arrests Rafael as part of Petra's plan, which was a guess of mine when it happened. Rogelio has to change a light bulb that is high up, but he is very afraid of heights. Jane helps him get over his fear by telling him he has to do it. Mateo is getting sick, and Jane has to bring him to the ER. Scary!Rafael admits to Jane that Petra's plan didn't work. Jane cancels Mateo's birthday party because he is sick, and then Jane and Rafael think about how much has changed in the last year, though Rafael is still in love with Jane.

Jane's family brings a party to her, which is very fun. Rogelio figures out a plan for the wedding, despite issues that have come up, which is really sweet. Michael investigates the Fairwick and finds Mutter. Petra's sister dresses up as Petra and, with her mother, discusses a plan they have been working on for a year. What an interesting twist! I wonder what will happen next week in the finale. It is sure to be interesting.

This was a great episode, it had a great balance of humor, heart, and twists.

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