The Princess Royal Season 2 Premiere - It’s Coronation Day

The Princess Royal Season 2, Episode 1
It's Coronation Day

Olivia is in her sitting room with Fred and her children.

Fred: Darling -

Olivia: That tone of yours suggests something is weighing on your mind.

Fred: Claude invited you to the coronation rehearsal, and it’s starting in an hour. What are we doing here?

Olivia: Fred, you know I don’t care about that. I’ll go to coronation, but I don’t need to go to a rehearsal. It’s not like I’m going to have any part in it, I’m surprised I’m even invited!

Gigi: Uncle Claude loves you, mother.

Olivia: Uncle Claude finds me to be an embarrassment.

Todd: His name is His Majesty King Uncle Claude. He gets very upset if you don’t call him that.

Olivia: I feel nauseous.

Fred: He would never have invited you if he found you to be an embarrassment.

Olivia: I’m just afraid I’ll never be enough for him, okay? I walked away from the family for a long time and my relationships froze and I know the disappointment he felt with me over that. I don’t know if he really does want me at this major life moments.

Gigi: I think he’d be more disappointed if you didn’t come after being invited. Especially if he knew you were in London.

Olivia: How we he find that out?

Gigi: Well, you see, he’s the King. They have ways of knowing things.

Todd: Also, we’re staying in an official royal residence.

Olivia: Okay, fine. I’ll go. But only so Claude doesn’t have any reason to say I’ve been an absentee sister.

Gigi: The prior twenty years makes for pretty compelling evidence.

Olivia: That’s not fair to bring up, I’ve apologized for that and we’ve moved on.

Gigi: Then what was that you were just talking about?

Olivia: I’m just being miserable, okay? I’m jealous, that could be my coronation!

Todd: Only if you’d have killed Uncle Claude before he had Arthur and Nathan.

Olivia: I tried to! His darn horse. Just refused to step on him. He was a very loyal horse.

Fred: Leave that out of the coronation toast.

Olivia: It’s not a wedding, there’s no toast from the sister.

Fred: I wouldn’t know, your mother was on the throne so damn long, I never experienced a coronation before.

Olivia: Oh, god, my mother. She’s going to give me hell, I’ve been too busy with royal duties too stop in and see her lately.

Gigi: Today’s the perfect day to change that!

Olivia: What a nightmare! I just wanted to watch racing.

Todd: Clearly you subconsciously wanted to be here for the rehearsal. You’d never have suggested a trip too London if you didn’t.

Olivia: Stop psychoanalyzing me!

One hour later, at Westminster Abbey…

Arthur: Father, just let its happen!

Claude: No, it’s ridiculous!

Arthur: It will make Nathan happy. Do you not want Nate to be happy?

Claire: If I may, sir. I’ve never seen Nathan so happy with a woman before. Ms. Millstone may just be “the one,” let him bring her and her mother to the coronation. They’ll be family soon enough.

Claude: Artie never brought you and your family to any official family business before you were engaged. This breaks so many royal protocols.

Olivia: What are we walking into?

Claude: Olivia! I’m glad you came!

Olivia: Your Majesty…

Claude: Olivia, you don’t have to do that. We’re in private.

Olivia: Have to do it in private, I gotta get used to it so I stop throwing up in my mouth when I do it in public.

Claude: How elegant.

Christine: Thank god you’re here!

Olivia: I sense the sarcasm, and just so you know, I’m not calling you “Your Majesty.” Too far!

Eleanor: Olivia, you need to respect the new Queen.

Olivia. Consort. Queen Consort.

Eleanor: Even I’m far less apprehensive about all of this than you are.

Olivia: Yes, because Shea actually likes you.

Christine: Olivia, I am happy you’re here. Claude was worried you wouldn't show.

Gigi: She wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Claude: Olivia, I thought I was clear… only working royals. Just the ones who will go up on the balcony with us.

Olivia: So my family’s not welcome?

Claude: I can make an exception, it’s no big deal. It’s just that this is terribly boring and I don’t know why they’d want to be here.

Todd: It’s history, we can’t miss it.

Claire: It’s boring. No fancy outfits or music. Just us talking about what we’re going to do in three weeks, when we’ll forget it all by then, anyway.

Christine: We need your advice.

Olivia: My advice? You sure? Is Mandy busy?

Eleanor: She can’t hear anyway.

Olivia: We’re pretty rich, hearing aids perhaps?

Eleanor: She can’t hear even with them.

Olivia: Aww, Mandy.

Claude: Nathan wants his girlfriend and her mother to come to the coronation. As a non-traditional royal yourself, I wanted your thoughts.

Fred: Remember, honey. My mother is dead, it’s rude to speak ill of her.

Olivia: How serious is this relationship?

Claude: I don’t know, she’s American.

Olivia: Oh no! Not an American! What if their child looks like Ronald McDonald?

Claude: Didn’t anyone tell you you’re not supposed to mock the monarch?

Claire: Please continue, it’s the first interesting thing to happen today.

Christine: They’re serious, he’s mentioned a proposal.

Claude: Not to me, he hasn’t!

Christine: Well, Claude, maybe the King really doesn’t know all.

Ethan: What’d I miss?

Arthur: Aunt Olivia beat you here.

Ethan: Good heavens. Liv, something the matter with you? I’m assuming you were dragged here kicking and screaming?

Olivia: Always here to support my family.

Claude: Since September 2021, that is.

Olivia: I think you should invite them. This is supposed to be a celebration, the more the merrier.

Claude: They could watch at home if they want to celebrate with us.

Christine: Listen to your sister and your son and your daughter-in-law. Invite them. Nathan’s already distant enough as it is, no need to alienate him any further.

Clause: So it will go. Olivia, I have another question for you.

Olivia: Is it about the guest list? If it is, may I recommend you find a party planner to assist you?

Claude: It is not about the guest list.

Olivia: Then go ahead.

Claude: I want you to take part in it. 

Olivia: Claude, I can’t be your Queen Consort. Christine would kill me.

Christine: Darn right I would! I’ve earned this!

Arthur: Of course you have, mummy. It was only a joke, put the knife down.

Claire: Why did you bring a knife with you to Westminster Abbey, anyway?

Christine: You never know when you’ll have to defend yourself.

Olivia: Well, I know I’ll have to defend myself anytime I’m around you.

Christine: Don’t be such a snowflake.

Todd: Why is Aunt Christine talking like she’s a right-wing news host?

Christine: This whole thing is stressing the hell out of me, I’m sorry.

Claude: It’s my coronation, you don’t have to worry so much.

Christine: Wrong!

Claude: Right!

Arthur: Look at the invitation, papa.

Claude: Of course I know it’s a coronation for both of us, but I’m the regent. I’m the one people will be focusing on.

Christine: Oh, you did not just say that!

Olivia: Is now a bad time to accept the offer for participation?

Eleanor: I think that’s enough rehearsing for today.

Claude: We just started!

Eleanor: Yes, and if we don’t stop, it’s going to be a coronation for King Arthur.

Todd: But what about his Round Table?

Gigi: Todd, shut up before Aunt Christine turns you into a jack-o-lantern!

Olivia: Fred, I’m so glad you dragged me here. This has wonderfully entertaining.

Fred: Ah, yes. The threat of a potential hostage situation, a laugh riot.

Christine: I’m not crazy, I’m not going to kill anyone! Maybe Claire.

Claire: What did I do?

Christine: You named your daughter after your mother and not me.

Claire: We named our son after you.

Christine: He’s not the heir apparent!

Eleanor: If we’re not ending this, can we at least get it back on track? We’re wasting time on points bickering.

Claude: Yes, please. Someone cue the music.

Claire (singing, off-key): God save our gracious king!

Eleanor: No matter how many times I hear that, never get used to it.

Olivia: Imagine how I feel!

Eleanor: Are you forgetting I was the queen? I know you weren’t around for a lot of it, but come on, darling.

Olivia: I didn’t realize who I was speaking to, no. I suppose it’s more surreal for you than for me.

Ethan: When is Claude going to put on his fancy coronation dress?

Claude: It’s not a dress! Mummy, tell them it’s not a dress.

Eleanor: It’s a very dress-like robe. And, Ethan, stop being rude to your king.

Ethan: Don’t say it that way, mummy.

Eleanor: Ethan…

Olivia: Is this how I look when I mope about Claude being king?

Claude: You look worse. You’re older, you should be more mature.

Olivia: He’s in his fifties, it’s not like he’s a child.

Eleanor: No, but he sure acts like it. Just as the two of you did.

Olivia: At least Ethan and I showed up. Where is Anthony?

Eleanor: Does anyone ever really know where he is?

Olivia: I would hope my nieces with the weird names know where their father is.

Eleanor: Beulah and Ernestine are not weird names!

Ethan: They’re barely names at all!

Claude: I guess we’re just not ever getting to the rehearsal. I’ll go in unprepared and look like fool before the world!

Eleanor: Not a word, Olivia.

Olivia: Like The Go-Go’s, my lips are sealed!

Ethan: We should get the Go-Go’s for the coronation! Claude’s got the beat!

Claire: Papa, I tried to serenade you and help you.

Arthur: Yes, darling, we’re aware. That’s how we got back off track in the first place.

Claire: I wont’ use my beautiful voice and sing, then. They’re so much more accepting in America they sing Life Every Voice and Sing before every “football” game.

Christine: They’ve clearly not heard you sing. Don’t lift that voice.

Three weeks later…

Eleanor: Oh, look! Her Royal Lateness has arrived!

Olivia: Funny, that’s what Ted called me when I was pregnant with Gigi!

Eleanor: Where is Genevieve, by the way?

Olivia: Oh, her and Warren came separately. They had an errand to run.

Eleanor: An errand? It couldn't wait until tomorrow, when he uncle is not having a coronation?

Olivia: You know kids, they're so stubborn?

Eleanor: Isn’t she… forty?

Olivia: Forty-seven! But she’s always just a babe to me.

Ethan: New arrival, everyone! Look out!

Eleanor: Who now, Ethan? Anthony?

Ethan: The Americans…

Eleanor: Put the china away!

Olivia: That’s very rude, mother. In America, they only think China is a country, they don’t know it’s also the name of dinnerware. You’l confuse them!

Nathan: Granny!

Eleanor: Nathan! It’s so nice to see you, you’re always so busy, setting out on new world adventures.

Nathan: I wouldn’t miss pops’ coronation for the world!

Eleanor: And who is this?

Nathan: This is Alicia and her mother, Veronica.

Alicia: Your majesty.

Elanor: Oh, you’re not allowed to call me that anymore.

Alicia: I’m not?

Eleanor: Yeah, it was a real blow to the gut when I learned it myself. Your Royal Highness works just fine. Or, call my granny.

Alicia: I don’t think I should do that.

Eleanor: In due time.

Veronica: Hello, I am Veronica Payner. Lovely too meet you. I brought your flowers, but the airport confiscated them. Hope you’re well, but if not, I have a natural cream that will clear that up using essential oils and herbs.

Eleanor: Olivia, what is going on?

Olivia: I do not know.

Alicia: Excuse my mother, she is a bit eccentric.

Eleanor: I would say so.

Olivia: We’re thrilled to have you, anyhow. We could always use a bit of excitement.

Alicia: Well, that’s guaranteed with us around.

Ethan; Just remember, and I’m sure my nephew told you, but keep the eccentricities to a low during the coronation. We don’t need any embarrassing moments during the event.

Alicia: Wouldn’t dream of it.

Nathan: We’ll keep her on her best behavior.

Veronica: I’m always on my best behavior! Are you really implying otherwise?

Alicia: We’re implying that you’re a lot for some people to handle. Especially people as prim and proper as these folks.

Gigi: Us? Prim and proper?

Eleanor: Genevieve, you’e here! I was beginning to worry you’d got lost!

Todd: What about us? We just arrived with her!

Margo: I don’t think they care all too much about our arrival, dear.

Eleanor: Of course I do! I just didn’t notice you weren’t here. It’s impossible not to notice Genevieve’s absence, she always must make a scene upon entry.

Ethan: Well, the party sure is kicking up now.

Eleanor: I can’t tell you the last time this many people I’ve actually wanted to see were gathered here at Buckingham.

Warren: Are you implying you didn’t enjoy meeting with the government?

Eleanor: There’s one aspect I sure do not miss. Claude can have fun with that.

Olivia: Where is the ham, by the way? I’m surprised he’s not watching to check the arrival order to use as a guide for where to sit us.

Eleanor: He’s upstairs, making last minute preparations.

Ethan: Arthur and Claire are up there as well. I assume they’re helping him rehearse, like a tutor helping a secondary school student prepare for a math exam.

Claire: He’s almost ready. Is everyone here?

Ethan: Speak of the devil.

Claire: Devil? I’m an angel, and you know it. And a Princess!

Olivia: Yeah, we’re all princesses, get off your high horse.

Gigi: I’m not, thanks to you.

Olivia: You wouldn’t like being a princess, they’d really give you a side-eye when you try to buy cocaine.

Gigi: I occasionally smoke marijuana. I don’t use cocaine, I’m not Stevie Nicks.

Alicia: Do they always bicker this much?

Nathan: Usually more.

Vanessa: I‘m sensing a lot of negative energy and hostility, so I want to offer some peaceful conflict resolution via meditation.

Claire: Who let Janis Joplin in?

Alicia: That would be me, I’m sorry!

Fred: I’m just sort of glad I’m no longer the least-favorite in-law now.

Selina: Nathan and Miss Millstone aren’t married, you’re the still the least-favorite in-law. Don’t you worry!

Fred: Ah, yes, I always appreciate the comedy stylings of the Countess of Wessex.

Selina: Wasn’t meant to be funny, we don't like you.

Claire: I like you, Fred.

Christine: Oh, geez. I need a cigarette.

Nathan: Mother, what’s wrong?

Alicia: Your majesty.

Christine: Don’t do that. We’re in private, we’re almost family, no need. What I need is to vent.

Olivia: Oh, if only Anthony were here to deal with this.

Ethan: Where is he, by the way?

Eleanor: He’s coming, he promises! Just a bit late!

Olivia: If he doesn’t arrive, I think we should give his front-row seat to Veronica. That would be so funny.

Eleanor: What’s the matter, Christine?

Christine: This is so stressful, it’s making Claude crazy.

Eleanor: It all ends today, and then you can go back to your normal lives as… the King and Queen of the United Kingdom.

Margo: You know, normal trips to Sainsbury’s, like the peasants.

Todd: I don’t think granny meant normal in that regard.

Olivia: Why not? That’s where I shop, the prices are fair and the name reminds me of Salisbury steak.

Todd: You’re not the Queen, though.

Olivia: Don’t remind me.

Arthur: Ladies and gentleman, my father, our king, Claude.

Claude: I said you didn't need to make such a big deal about it, I’m just leaving a bedroom.

Fred: The dress looks good, Claude!

Claude: Thank you, my good sir. Your name is?

Fred: We have such a fun rapport.

Olivia: Anthony isn’t here yet, he’s always causing stress.

Eleanor: He’ll get there, we still have time before we must leave.

Ethan: Yes, five minutes.

Claude: If he’s late, he’s late. He just gets thrown to the back.

Veronica: Do you want me to say a prayer to the Earth Goddess that he will arrive in time?

Claude: Who is this woman?

Alicia: Your majesty, she is my mother. I apologize for her, uh… candor.

Nathan: Sorry, papa. I didn’t realize she was quite the eccentric.

Claude: No, I don’t mind. I always wanted a nut at my coronation. I just always thought it would be my sister.

Olivia: Don’t worry, I’m still as crazy as ever!

Anthony: I have arrived!

Eleanor: You’re late!

Anthony: I have two minutes.

Eleanor: You are later.

Anthony: My plane arrived late, I’m sorry.

Claude: So we can get this started then and begin the drive to Westminster?

Eleanor: Wait! Mandy! I forgot to tell her it was time, she’s probably still napping.

Claire: I will go retrieve her.

Eleanor: Thank you, you’re a doll.

Olivia: Are we sure Mandy will be able to stay awake for the whole thing?

Eleanor: Of course not, but she’ll want to be there.

Claude: And we want her there! We need someone to make you look youthful, mother!

Eleanor: Just because I’m not your queen any longer doesn't mean I’m not still your mother! I’ll hit you with my purse!

Olivia: Oh, this is going beautifully. I’ve been one of the best-behaved ones today!

Claude: You’ve got time.

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