Predict The Sophomore Ratings Results + 2022-23 Competition + Invest In 19 Shows Results


Predict The Sophomore Ratings Results

As the 2022-23 broadcast TV season is about to begin, here are the results of the Predict The Sophomore Ratings game. The below table shows the average prediction submitted compared to the show’s actual rating, as well as the most commonly predicted renew/cancel outcome for the show compared to the actual outcome. See the form below the table to participate in this season’s version of the game!

Invest In 19 Shows Results

Here are the results to the 2021-22 edition of Invest In 19 Shows, where you picked 19 shows to “invest” in based on a budget and how you predicted it would perform in the ratings. Congrats to BwayChris for winning, averaging a 0.57 Big 4 A18-49 rating against a 0.51 real-life average!

Big 4 Average: 0.57 A18-49 rating
Overall Average: 0.49

Full Boyle
Big 4 Average: 0.53
Overall Average: 0.47

Big 4 Average: 0.52
Overall Average: 0.45

Big 4 Average: 0.41
Overall Average: 0.35

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