CGI Jeff Garlin Signs New Deal For Potential Tenth Season of The Goldbergs


Actor Jeff Garlin may have departed from ABC sitcom The Goldbergs in December 2021 but his CGI counterpart will be sticking around for another batch of episodes. An anonymous source has informed The TV Ratings Guide that the digitally-inserted Garlin has negotiated a new deal that will ensure his presence on the series will continue to be brief and awkwardly-edited. Voices in the computer-generated community are praising this as a step in the right direction for representation of animated Americans. Others are angered by the decision to replace a real-live person with a digital likeness. A bigoted few are even throwing around words deemed offensive to Computer-Generated Americans such as "hologram" and "cartoon". Digital Garlin will receive one grand per episode but will appear for no more than two minutes in each installment. 

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