CW Renew/Cancel Part 4: Big Changes Abound as Multiple Series Left Out of Mass Renewal

This is quite a strange season for The CW, as the lowest-rated major network has many veteran series left with their fates in the air as Upfronts quickly approach. Keep reading for numerous updates on the remaining shows, plus my updated thoughts on Batwoman and Charmed!



All American: Homecoming

Likely Renewal


Leans Renewal


Leans Renewal


Leans Renewal


Leans Renewal


Leans Renewal

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Leans Cancellation


Likely Cancellation

All American


The Flash




Superman & Lois




Nancy Drew


Kung Fu


Batwoman: One show that has surprisingly found itself still in jeopardy is Batwoman. Though ratings weren't exactly strong this season, you could say the same for just about any show on The CW. Along with Legends of Tomorrow, it is the highest-rated veteran show that has yet to be renewed of canceled, though that's not really saying much considering that just a four-hundredth different separates it from the bottom show on the network, the already-renewed Nancy Drew. There have been rumblings from entertainment reporters that the show is on the bubble and may be canceled. Social media accounts from the show's writers room seems to confirm that, with writers asking for fans to tweet out in support of the show in order to help it get renewed. That does not sound to me like the way writers would communicate with fans if they were at all confident in a renewal, making me feel that there is truth to the claims that it is in danger. With The CW looking to be sold in the near future, it's vey possible that they will be more "ruthless" with their renewal choices, canceling some of the more expensive shows that aren't making them much money. While I do ultimately expect Batwoman to get renewed for at least one more season, a cancellation would hardly be a shock at this point. It is being downgraded to LEANS RENEWAL.

Charmed: If The CW decides to cancel any veteran series, I believe this is one of the most likely candidates. For one, it's the lowest-rated scripted show on The CW that has yet to be renewed, with just a 0.07 average despite airing at 8 (though, Friday is not exactly a desirable night to air on any network). It also doesn't seem like a big priority for The CW, being held for midseason so the network could air Penn & Teller (usually a summer series) in fall, as part of a reformed Friday lineup. It's also in its fourth season, meaning that it's reaching the point in which some of the lower-rated CW offerings tend to say their farewells. Unlike Friday night partner Dynasty, it doesn't have a massive Netflix deal to save it. I think another short season may be handed out to let it wrap on its own terms, but I think it really could go either way. Having to make a call one way or another, I'm guessing a very unconfident LEANS RENEWAL, just based on how rare it is for a CW show to be abruptly canceled.

All American, The Flash, Kung Fu, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Superman & Lois, and Walker: These seven lucky series secured renewals a few weeks ago, despite the questions looming about The CW's future. All seven were correct predictions.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to vote in the poll below!

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