ABC Renew/Cancel Week 18: The Wonder Years Doesn’t Look So Wonderful

It's time for another ABC Renew/Cancel, this week centering on one of ABC's few new shows with a fate still up in the air - The Wonder Years!

Certain Cancellation:

Likely Cancellation:
Queens (0.28, 0.20-0.36) 

Leans Cancellation:
Big Sky (0.31, 0.25-0.37)

Leans Renewal:
A Million Little Things (0.26, 0.21-0.31)
Home Economics (0.34, 0.25-0.42)
The Wonder Years (0.43, 0.30-0.67)

Likely Renewal:
The Conners (0.52, 0.46-0.65)

Certain Renewal:
The Goldbergs (0.57, 0.46-0.70)

Already Renewed:
Abbott Elementary
The Good Doctor
Grey's Anatomy
The Rookie
Station 19

Already Canceled/Final Season:
Promised Land
Women of the Movement (miniseries)

The Wonder Years: One of ABC's two new comedies this season, The Wonder Years is best described as a big disappointment for the network. It actually debuted as the huger-rated of the new comedies, but while Abbott Elementary has thrived, The Wonder Years has become one of broadcast's lowest-rated comedies - talk about a reversal of fortune. Wonder Years has dropped over 50% from its premiere, hitting a 0.30 last month. Things have gotten slightly better since then, but last week's 0.34 is still nothing to be proud of. And yet, I still believe ABC will renew the show. While the success of Abbott Elementary has probably hurt its odds a bit (as a pity renewal to save face is no longer needed), the show does still seem to be a network favorite, receiving ample promotion and priority treatment. It also isn't collapsing on its own - the entire Wednesday block is dropping heavily, with The Goldbergs hitting series low sub-0.50 ratings on nearly every occasion that The Wonder Years has hit a 0.3. I still think it's a flop, and that it has earned a cancellation based on live+same-day ratings, but I think ABC has invested too much in it to not at least try to give it a second chance. I see its future being short, with a run similar to Mixed-ish, a show that deserved a cancellation in season one but was given a second shot before ABC gave up. The Wonder Years LEANS RENEWAL.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll of the week!

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