TVRGO August News Day: Frances In The Kitchen and POTUS’d Premieres + A Renewal

Another month brings another TVRGO News Day. Here are some times coming up with TVRGO:

New Series: Frances In The Kitchen
TVRGO is premiering Frances In The Kitchen on Monday, August 17. The Bake Your Heart Out spin-off. It will follow the personal and professional life of Frances in the time before the events of Bake Your Heart Out. 

The pilot episode will be re-posted to the top of the home page of The TV Ratings Guide on Tuesday, August 18 at 8pm Eastern Time. 

New Series: POTUS’d
TVRGO is premiering POTUS’d on Tuesday, August 25. The six-episode political comedy miniseries is set to run through September. For a refresher, here is the synopsis:

POTUS’d follows Howard Brooks, a man selected to be Vice President, even though his political views are vastly different than those of the President-elect, and despite the fact that he's just 38 years old. But when Brooks reveals a major secret, Howard must prepare to keep the secret while preparing to be President himself.

The Marietta DNC Special will be posted on Monday, August 10 at 8pm Eastern Time. In case you missed it, here is the synopsis:

Democratic National Convention - The Democratic National Convention comes to New Orleans for 2020, and Marietta is asked to be the convention’s keynote speaker, while also assisting in some of the finishing touches for the event. Meanwhile, Patty Lynn serves as a delegate for losing candidate Eileen Birkman and Tammy comes to grips with being relegated to “the Other Tammy” as the party nominates Minnesota Senator Tammy Koobach. Features an appearance by Raymond Ialand’s Gretchen Raymond.

Additionally, our political comedy miniseries, Let’s Get Presidential, will be re-posted to the top of the home page on The TV Ratings Guide on Tuesday, August 11 at 8pm Eastern Time. Here is the synopsis:

Let’s Get Presidential is a miniseries comedy that follows Darnell, the multi-millionaire CEO of a successful startup who decides to run for President. He immediately gains mainstream support, but can he hold onto it?

Bar Exam on The TV Ratings Guide
Bar Exam, a spinoff of The Bullpen and TVRGO website exclusive, has been a success for the TVRGO website: Scripts will continue to be posted there on Saturday nights, and will now also be posted on The TV Ratings Guide on Sunday nights starting Sunday, August 9 and going through September. 

What In The World! Is Here To Stay
What In The World! will wrap its second season on Wednesday, September 9. It has been renewed for a third season, which will premiere on Wednesday, September 16. 

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